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Microctenopoma fasciolatum
Spatuloricaria sp. Black-White Peru

The Odessa barb has finally been named: Puntius padamya10.02.2009

There is a good number of well known aquarium fish that bear no scientific name, so they „officially" do not exist at all! Only with a formal scientific description a name can be applied to a species that is binding for every person in the world. On the other hand, common names can be given merrily by every person. There do not exist any rules for them.
The origin of the Odessa barb was unknown for almost 30 years. The first specimens appeared in the former USSR. It was unknown for a very long time whether they represented a wild species or an artifical breeding product. Only 2001 the first wild collected specimens could be traced. Now it was clear that this fish is a wild species originating from Burma. Sven O. Kullander and Rald Britz described the species formally in October, 2008. Its correct name is now Puntius padamya.

Literature: Kullander, S. O. & R. Britz (2008): PUNTIUS PADAMYA, A NEW SPECIES OF CYPRINID FISH FROM MYANMAR  (TELEOSTEI: CYPRINIDAE). Electronic Journal of Ichthyology. October 2008 2: 56 - 66

Text & Photos: Frank Schäfer

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