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Panaque spec. „Papa Ojo Chico“  L 90a
Chela cachius

Phenacogrammus interruptus "Albino"09.09.2009

Currently we receive beautiful cultivated albino Congo Tetras from Indonesia. Like in all true albinos the eyes of the fish are red due to the genetically caused lack of black body pigment (melanin). In many other species of fish albinos have a uniform whitish, yellowish or flesh-coloured body. Not so in the Congo Tetra. The iridescent colours of the body of that species are also extant in the albino variety. This makes the fish look so extraordinary nice.

Lexicon: Phenacogrammus: from ancient Greek, meaning "with tricky line"; this refers to the fact that the shape of the lateral line cannot be used to distinguish this genus from other genera. interruptus: Latin for "interrupted". Refers to the shape of the lateral line.

Text & Photos: Frank Schäfer

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