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Synodontis sp. aff. nigriventris ZEBRA
Pterophyllum scalare Santa Isabel

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Eigenmannia trilineata

We received wonderful specimens of Eigenmannia from Guyana. They show three black longitudinal stripes on a smokey ground. This fits perfectly to the pattern described in the species E. trilineata, which is known so far only from the Paraguay-Paraná system (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay). May that be as it is: Eigenmannia are fantastic aquarium fish that show an incomparable elegance. Males can reach about 40 cm in length, which is double as long as females can become. Females have also a much shorter snout. Breeding of Eigenmannia is possible if a rainy season is imitated. As soon as the fish are in the right condition, they spawn in the roots of swimming plants. Knife fishes need well structured tanks with a good number of hiding places. Feeding them is pretty easy, for the fish accept readily any type of live and frozen food. Many specimens also accept granulates. For our customers: the fish have code 252905 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Lexicon: Eigenmannia: dedication name for Carl H. Eigenmann (1863-1927). trilineata: Latin, means "with three stripes". Suggestion of a common name: Smokey Glass Knifefish Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

Archived on 08.2011
Maximum size 20 - 40 cm
Size available 15-20 cm
Origin Guyana
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