Fish archives (2067)

  • Brochiloricaria macrodon

    15. January 2018

    We received from Paraguay this wonderful mouthbrooding whiptail catfish. Once we had this species even as bred ones in stock – many years ago. In our recent import the prolongations of the fins are very obvious. This reminds a bit in Lamontichthys. However, Brochiloricaria has a completely different mouth structure and feeding habit. Brochiloricaria are […]

  • Hyalobagrus flavus

    22. December 2017

    Back in 1903 Georg Duncker from the Hamburg Museum described a small species of catfish from the Malay Peninsula under the name of Pseudobagrus ornatus. The description appeared in the same famous paper in which the harlequin barb (Trigonostigma heteromorpha) and the dwarf rasbora (Boraras maculatus) were described. In contrast to the two barbs, which […]

  • Hyphessobrycon wadai

    22. December 2017

    We are very glad to be able to offer this beautiful tetra for the first time now. The fish are German bred ones. The species has been described only in 2016. The natural distribution is the upper basin of the Rio Tapajós. This tetra is already a popular aquarium fish in Sao Paulo (Brazil) since […]

  • Guppy Platinum Gold

    20. December 2017

    The latest creation from the jewellery Sri Lanka: Platinum Gold. This fish is a further development of the Guppy Full Platinum, which we obtained in August, also from Sri Lanka. The yellow or golden coloration differs a lot individually in the Platinum Gold. Some specimens look like the Full Platinum, just with a yellowish tinge, […]

  • Macrobrachium scabriculum

    18. December 2017

    We have obtained once more beautiful chameleon shrimps (Macrobrachium scabriculum) from India. The common name for that species has been given by Uwe Werner due to the change of the basic coloration during the life. Initially these shrimps are translucent, then they usually become blueish, then brownish and finally almost black. Only the contrasting stripe […]

  • Leporacanthicus sp. L326

    15. December 2017

    This unusual Leporacanthicus originates from the Orinoco. The L-number was given already back in 2002. Initially the fish was imported from Colombia. It is said that these fish were collected in the area around Puerto Carreño. We currently received this fish for the first time ever; our specimens come from Venezuela. L326 differs from all […]

  • Thorichthys meeki

    15. December 2017

    The Firemouth (Thorichthys meeki, formerly Cichlasoma meeki) originates from Mexico and belongs to the most popular cichlids at all. This popularity is not at least due to the impressive face mask of the species. No other species of cichlid shows in such perfectness the bottom of the mouth and the deep red skin that covers […]

  • Puntigrus anchisporus „Moss Green“

    14. December 2017

    Many people will still know the tiger barb under the wrong name Barbus or Puntius tetrazona. This species – the correct name is Puntigrus tetrazona – is, however, never kept in aquaria or traded, but exclusively the close relative Puntigrus anchisporus. Both species can be easily distinguished from each other by the colour of the […]

  • Madeira-Discus arrived!

    11. December 2017

    There are so many varieties of discus known, but none of the wild collected fish are as variable as the ones from the Rio Madeira. Basically speaking, the Madeira discus is a brown-blue one. The brown morphs of that variety very often exhibit a high degree of red and/or yellow colour on the body, while […]