25. Perchlike fishes (559)

  • Geophagus cf. abalios

    16. February 2018

    Currently we have as well larger wild collected specimens and bred ones in stock. G. cf. abalios is a beautful, ovophilous mouthbrooider and originates from Venezuela. The fish have bred in our showroom. At that time they had a total length of about 8 cm, so we initially thought they would represent a dwarf variety. […]

  • Danakilia sp. Sukoray

    31. January 2018

    Danakilia are very strange cichlids that were described scientifically only very recently and were – of course – totally unknown in the hobby, until Anton Lamboj was able to bring some specimens alive back to Austria from Etritrea. He made this expedition together with Giorgio Chiozzi from the Milan Museum. One of the new discovered […]

  • Hemichromis exsul

    26. January 2018

    Red jewel cichlids are wonderful aquariumfishes despite the fact that sometimes very quarrelsome individuals appear. For scientists the complex of species of red jewel cichlids remains a mess. Many meristic features overlap and additionally many species are highly polychromatic. Hemichromis exsul has been described scientifically already in 1933 under the name of Pelmatochromis exsul. Type […]

  • Dimidiochromis compressiceps Albino

    19. January 2018

    There is no consensus among aquarists regarding albino sports. One part of the hobbyists find them awkward, the other part simply wonderful. Readers belonging to the first group: please accept our excuse, next week a different fish will be subject of the post again. For all the others: The Malawi-Eyebiter (Dimidiochromis compressiceps) has a bad […]

  • Thorichthys meeki

    15. December 2017

    The Firemouth (Thorichthys meeki, formerly Cichlasoma meeki) originates from Mexico and belongs to the most popular cichlids at all. This popularity is not at least due to the impressive face mask of the species. No other species of cichlid shows in such perfectness the bottom of the mouth and the deep red skin that covers […]

  • Madeira-Discus arrived!

    11. December 2017

    There are so many varieties of discus known, but none of the wild collected fish are as variable as the ones from the Rio Madeira. Basically speaking, the Madeira discus is a brown-blue one. The brown morphs of that variety very often exhibit a high degree of red and/or yellow colour on the body, while […]

  • The total ban of Channa in the EU is off the table!

    8. December 2017

    According to our very well informed sources the application to ban the trade and keeping of all species of snakehead (Channa) in the EU has been refused. Obviously just in time the contradiction could be submitted that the ban of a complete genus is not according to the law, but that in any case for […]

  • Apistogramma gibbiceps

    24. November 2017

    Currently we received once more this pretty dwarf cichlid from the Ro Negro basin. It is a typical company of the cardinal tetra in the wild. The species Apistogramma gibbceps cannot be confused with any other species of Apistogramma when it shows the species-specific vertical bars on the belly. Sadly these bars are not visible […]

  • Etroplus maculatus

    22. November 2017

    The Indian cichlid, Etroplus maculatus, is a very popular aquarium fish and never disappeared after its first importation again. Recent research suggests that Etroplus is not a close relative of the cichlid family, but rather of the damselfishes (Pomacentridae). However that does not mean anything for the hobby. Etroplus maculatus can be kept and bred […]

  • Taeniacara candidi

    17. November 2017

    This dwarf cichlid from Brazil is a very pretty species. Currently we have charming wild collected specimens in a good number in stock. Principically speaking Taeniacara – there is only one known species, T. candidi – is a very elongated Apistogramma. So the aquarium biology is quite comparable in both genera. That means the fish […]