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Hyphessobrycon cf.pando PERU

Recently we received beautiful Rosy tetras under the name of "Hyphessobrycon robertsi" from Peru. However, the fish is not identical with the well known "robertsi" (the species has not been described formally by a scientist yet, but it is unknown whether is has been made available "by chance" in the past 60 years of its career as an aquarium fish). To be honest, we didn´t recognize this at first. But when Peter and Martin Hoffmann, two aquarists specialized in tetras, visited us and led our attention on the fish, we realized what we have. Still our specimens are too young to say more, but the new species is distinguished from most other Rosy tetras by the bright shining stripes alongside the humeral spot. This unique feature is very reminescent of Hyphessobrycon pando, a species quite recently described from Bolivia. For our customers: the fish have code 261442 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Lexicon: Hyphessobrycon: ancient Greek, means "small Brycon". Brycon is another genus of tetras. pando: after the Bolivian department of Pando, where the species has been collected.

Archived on 06.2010
Maximum size 4-5 cm
Size available 3-4 cm
Origin Peru
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