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Pipa parva
Platystacus cotylephorus

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Parambassis pulchinella

September 2003: A few samples of the new glass-cichlid Parambassis pulcinella, described by M. Kottelat only in March 2003, were now already imported to Germany by AQUARIUM GLASER. This new glass-cichlid comes from the catchment area of the upper Ataran River in the border area between Thailand and Myanmar. Having a total length of approx. 8 cm this species is getting rather big. Among its remarkable hump before the first backfin this fish is appealing because of its fine brilliant colouring in turquoise to gold. The very beautiful, impressive animals will surely find much interest of lovers of the uncommon.(Photo Aquarium Glaser, Text D.Bork )

Archived on 07.2007
Maximum size 8 cm
Size available cm
Origin Myanmar,Thailand
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