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Teleocichla centrarchus
Trachelyopterus fisheri

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Toxotes sp. Neu!

A new species of Archerfish! Recently we received a shipment containing archerfishes (Toxotes) from Thailand. Most of the shipment were T. jaculatrix (see and some T. chatareus (see But a closer look showed also four specimens of an unique colored archerfish, which we have never seen so far and which fits to none of the seven species of archerfish accepted so far. A black band on the belly, right between ventral and anal fin, is characterising the fish. As there are four specimens and not only a single one it is much more likely that we have a new species instead of a mere colour variety. Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

Archived on 02.2010
Maximum size 15-20 cm
Size available 8-10 cm
Origin Thailand
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