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  • Sphaerichthys osphromenoides

    12. October 2018

    From Indonesia we received beautiful, very large and strong chocolate Guramis (Sphaerichthys osphromenoides). Unfortunately the exact place of origin is not known, but we suspect that they come from the Indonesian part of Central Borneo, Kalimantan. Particularly noticeable in the animals is their high red portion in the coloration, which is however somewhat different with […]

  • Priapella compressa

    12. October 2018

    The Blue-eyes from Mexico are closely related to the Knife-bellies (Alfaro). Like these, the males of Priapella have a massive keel along the underside of the tail. All Priapella attract attention by their blue, shining eyes. They are powerful swimmers who appreciate a good current. In nature they live close to the surface in clear […]

  • Moenkhausia heikoi

    12. October 2018

    For the first time we could import, even if only in very limited numbers, this tetra from the Rio Xingu described only in 2004. The animal became known in 2001, when Rainer Stawikowski presented the fish as “Hemigrammus sp. Xingu” in the journal DATZ. The scientific description took place in 2004, twice and almost simultaneously: […]

  • Schismatogobius risdawatiae

    11. October 2018

    The dragonet gobies (Schismatogobius) are small species of freshwater gobies, that reach between 3 and 5 cm length. They live in small rivulets near the coast but above the tide on sandy bottoms. Here they burry themselves very fast if necessary. The larvae devolop – as far as this known – in the sea. The […]

  • Cherax sp. „Black Scorpion“

    11. October 2018

    Along with other species of Cherax,, which we have already introduced to you, we have received the Cherax sp. “Black Scorpion”. They are very attractive animals whose care and breeding does not differ significantly from that of the previously known Cherax forms from New Guinea. For our customers: The animals have code 481473 on our […]

  • Serrasalmus compressus – a very interesting piranha from Peru

    8. October 2018

    Recently we obtained a shipment of piranhas from Peru. The fish are 5-9 cm long. At the first glimpse the shipment could be told apart into two phenotypes. First, there were fish with comparatively small spots, a lot of red coloration in the anal fin and a comparatively thin black border on the caudal fin. […]

  • Microdevario kubotai

    5. October 2018

    Microdevario kubotai This extraordinary beauty is a real dwarf (maximum length around 2.5 cm). It originates from the southwestern province of Ranong in Thailand (which forms a border to Burma) and is now available in perfect quality. Initially this fish has been described in the genus Microrasbora, but has been transferred together with M. gatesi […]

  • Bostrychus zonatus

    4. October 2018

    Bostrychus zonatus is a sleeper goby and becomes about 15 cm long. They are predatory fish, which should therefore only be kept together with species that have at least half the body length of the gobies, larger is safer. The beautiful animal is widespread in fresh and brackish water in New Guinea and northern Australia. […]

  • Puntigrus anchisporus (= Barbus tetrazona) Gold Green Stripe

    2. October 2018

    About 10 years ago the breeders suddenly focussed again on the old-known tiger barb, whose scientific name is, by the way, Puntigrus anchisporus. Puntigrus tetrazona is a species that is practically never seen in the aquarium, the edges of its fins, which are coloured red in the tiger barb, are black.  One of the new […]

  • Thalassophryne amazonica

    1. October 2018

    The toadfishes a very odd creatures. A total of about 73 species exists which are placed in around 22 genera and three subfamilies. One of these subfamilies – the Thalassophryninae – is also known as the “venomous toadfishes”. Thalassophryne amazonica, one of the very few freshwater species of the family, is placed in that subfamily. […]