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  • Tanichthys micagemmae – Jewel minnow

    3. April 2020

    Currently three species of the genus Tanichthys are known in the hobby: the White Cloud Mountain minnow Tanichthys albonubes, the Jewel Minnow, T. micagemmae, and T. kuehnei, which was termed T. sp. „Vietnam“ prior to its scientific description. The White Cloud is available exclusively as bred specimens, wheras the Jewel minnow is also imported as […]

  • Pangio alternans

    3. April 2020

    Kuhlii loaches (Pangio) are very popular aquarium fish. They are cute, small and often colourful. In community aquariums the small water snakes act as a cleaning crew, which reliably prevents food residues from being left lying around. The animals are completely peaceful and love the company of conspecifics. Kuhlii loaches become restless before thunderstorms and […]

  • Crenicichla sp. “regani-Orinoco”

    1. April 2020

    The pike cichlids (Crenicichla) are one of the most species-rich cichlid genera with 94 valid species at present. Many species grow to well over 20 cm in length and thus belong to the large cichlids, but there are also dwarf cichlids. The latter include the beautiful, slender C. regani, which according to literature should grow […]

  • Cyclocheilichthys janthochir

    30. March 2020

    Once more we have this beautiful species of shark in stock. Of course it belongs to the barb family, but species of several barb genera that have a similar body shape, are commonly called “shark” in the hobby. In our fishhouse it got the nickname “top-model-barb”, for it is very pretty, but looks also a […]

  • Hemirhamphodon tengah

    27. March 2020

    This pretty little fish is a challenge for experienced hobbyists. The species originates from Borneo. In contrast to the widespread prejudice halfbeaks of the genus Hemirhamphodon do not appear in brackish water; they are strictly bound to very soft and acidic water! These fishes are commonly found along with chocolate gouramis and small rasboras. The […]

  • Brachyplatystoma platynemum

    27. March 2020

    From Peru we have received some specimens of this very rarely imported catfish. The animals are in top condition and currently 10 – 12 cm long. Brachyplatystoma platynemum used to be placed in a separate genus, Goslinia, which is now a synonym for Brachyplatystoma. B. platynemum is distributed throughout the Amazon and Orinoco region and […]

  • Triportheus cf. nematurus

    25. March 2020

    The unusual genus Triportheus contains very interesting, somewhat larger species. Depending on the species these fish attain a length of 15-25 cm. Currently 16 species are distinguished that inhabit all major river systems of South America. From time to time we import members of the genus from Paraguay. Two species can be found there, namely […]

  • Parambassis pulcinella

    23. March 2020

    Once more we were able to import the most peculiar species of glass perch: Parambassis pulcinella. This freshwater fish originates from clear streams in the border region between Thailand and Burma. The maximum size reported so far is about 10 cm. Against conspecifics the species is rather peaceful. They tend to tease each other sometimes […]

  • L330 scientifically described: Panaque nigrolineatus laurafabianae

    23. March 2020

    Many fish scientists (ichthyologists) currently reject the concept of the subspecies. They argue that either there are definable characteristics, in which case it is a species, or there are no characteristics, in which case the form cannot be named. However, this concept has only limited relevance to reality; in the case of the large striped […]

  • Corydoras cf. atropersonatus “Morocha“

    20. March 2020

    For the first time ever we have received a very attractive Corydoras (called „Moriocha“) from Peru (unfortunately not more details), which looks very similar to Corydoras atropersonatus (this species also comes from Peru – Rio Nanay basin – and we have received this at the same time), but is even more attractive.  Corydoras atropersonatus has […]