02. Living fossils (23)

  • Amia calva

    21. March 2016

    Finally – we tried many years without any success – we managed to import a good number of this “living fossil” from the USA. Once there was a time when relatives of this species lived allmost all over the World, even in Europe several species existed. These creatures were already existent when the dinosaurs walked […]

  • Polypterus retropinnis

    25. January 2016

    After quite a long time we were able now to import again one of the smallest species of Polypterus, namely Polypterus retropinnis from the Congo. This bichir has been thought to represent an undescribed species for a while, but then it was found that it has been confused with the only recently described species Polypterus […]

  • Polypterus delhezi

    Polypterus delhezi

    15. June 2015

    The bichir fishes – Polypterus – are animals of ancient ages. They already existed 60 million years ago. Among the particularities of the bichirs belongs the fact that they breath with a lung and that the pectoral fins are placed at the end of muscular stalks that can be moved like little arms. Some species […]

  • Atractosteus tristoechus

    2. December 2013

    The Alligator gars are so-called living fossils. They developed about 100 million years ago in the upper Cretaceous and haven´t changed much since then. Currently two genera live in the New World, namely Atractosteus (containing three species) and Lepisosteus (four species). The members of Atractosteus can reach about 2 m in length (formerly they are […]

  • Baby reedfish arrived

    2. April 2013

    Only once per year we obtain baby specimens of the reedfish. Now is the season for the charming animals. For our customers: the fish have code 128700 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

  • Polypterus ansorgii xxl

    5. March 2013

    We obtained impressive, 50-60 cm long specimens of this rarest of all species of Polypterus. The fish originate from Guinea. For our customers: the animals have code 162409 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Text & photo: Frank Schäfer

  • Polpyterus ansorgii

    Polypterus ansorgii

    14. May 2012

    We received only two specimens of this bichir – the rarest of all bichir species. The currently imported specimens are 15-20 cm long. The species can reach a maximum length of about 80 cm and thus represents the largest of all known Polypterus species. There appeared a German article on the species in the current […]

  • Polypterus endlicherii GOLD

    Polypterus endlicherii GOLD

    7. May 2012

    This large species – sexual maturity is reached at about 40 cm length, but the species can grow as big as 70 cm – is represented in Guinea by a very attractive colour variety that has a yellow-golden basic coloration (vs. ash-grey in others). For our customers: the fish have code 163215 on our stocklist. […]

  • Polypterus mokelembembe

    Polypterus mokelembembe

    8. September 2010

    Bichirs are so-called living fossils. 60 million years old fossilizations are known which can be assigned to recent species! There are 16 recent species known so far, all of them originating from Africa. The latest discovered species is also the smallest one: Polypterus mokelembembe was described in 2006. Formely the species was confused with P. […]

  • Acipenser ruthenus

    16. April 2009

    The Sterlet, Acipenser ruthenus, is one of the smallest species of sturgeon known so far. However, even this species can grow to more than one meter in length. The biggest specimen known was 125 cm long, but around 60 cm is a more common size. Like all sturgeons this species is endangered due to overfishing […]