03. Bony tongues (22)

  • Brachyhypopomus brevirostris

    23. July 2014

    Knifefishes occur in Africa, asia, and South America. However, the knifefishes from the Old World and the knifefishes of the New World are not closely related to each other. From an aquarists point of view all knifefishes are very beautiful to look at. They are elegant swimmers. The extraordinary swimming style – they rather glide […]

  • Campylomormyrus compressirostris

    24. March 2014

    Currently only very occasionally importations from the DR Congo appear – mainly due to the unsatisfying flight situation. So it is highly appreciated that we finally were able to import some specimens of the bizarre genus Campylomormyrus that bear the common name elephant fishes. Systematics of Campylomormyrus are rather complicated; in all probability our fish […]

  • Brienomyrus brachyistius

    26. February 2014

    This week we obtained from Nigeria a species of mormyrid which we havenĀ“t seen for years: Brienomyrus brachyistius. This comparably small species (maximum length reported is 17.cm, usually the fish becomes 10-12 cm long) is a close relative to the species B. niger, which we were also able to import again (see http://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/fish-archive/miscellaneous-en/Brienomyrus_niger_en/). The intelligent […]

  • Brienomyrus niger

    3. December 2009

    There are about 200 species of Mormyridae (Elephantfishes) in Africa. Some of them belong to the most important freshwater fish species of the continent, due to their abundance and good taste. In the aquarium hobby, on the other hand, mormyrids are only rarely seen. All mormyrids belong to the weakly electrical fishes and communicate on […]

  • Isichthys henryi

    30. November 2007

    (29.Nov.2007) Currently in stock: one of the rarest Mormyrids in the world: Isichthys henryi. Our supplier from Guinea informed us that this item appear only 2-4weeks per year! So it only can be called luck to have nearly one hundret pieces right now in stock! To keep the single is recommended, because they are agressive […]

  • Brienomyrus niger

    6. July 2007

    From the south of the Sahare located river basins of the Senegal-, Gambia-, Niger-, Volta River and the White Nile origins Brienomyrus niger. There they inhabit densly vegetated zones and migrate during the spawning season onto the floodplains. They are able to orient themselves by their electrical receptors. As all mormyrids they own electrical organs […]

  • Gnathonemus longibarbis

    6. July 2007

    March 2007: From the environment of Lubumbashi, the second largest city the Congo comes Gnathonemus longibarbis to us. They were caught in close proximity to Bondaka and are probably for the first time in the trade. In nature they feed on water insects and their larvae, their final size probably lies at approx. 40cm. Since […]

  • Heterotis niloticus

    6. July 2007

    As next the relative of the largest truly freshwater fish Arapaima gigas Heterotis niloticus has a large attractiveness. With a maximum length of scarcely about one meter it is however more suitable for the aquarium maintenance than its South American relatives. In Africa they originally inhabit different waters types south the Sahara. A difference to […]