07. Carp like fishes (1): Loaches (69)

  • Botia kubotai

    5. October 2012

    Some botias, among them B. kubotai, are available only seasonal and for a quite short time per year. The very beautiful species B. kubotai originates from the Salween-tributary Ataran in the border region between Burma and Thailand. It becomes around 8-10 cm long, maximum length reported so far is 13 cm. This species is one […]

  • Cobitis macrostigma

    20. June 2012

    We received this beautiful and absolutely peaceful loach from China. The species is an ideal bottom dweller for unheated community tanks. The optimal temperatures for the fish are between 10 and 24°C. Females become around 10 cm long, while males stay much smaller. The fish, which could be named “Largespotted Spiny Loach”, feeds readily on […]

  • Physoschistura cf. elongata

    Physoschistura cf. elongata

    12. June 2012

    For the first time ever we can offer this charming dwarf loach from the North of India. Maximum length of the species is only 4.5 cm. The fish is undemanding and completely peaceful. For our customers: the animal has code 454882 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Lexicon: Pysoschistura: […]

  • Serpenticobitis octozona

    Serpenticobitis octozona

    23. May 2012

    Currently we have extraodinary wonderful, adult, 4-6 cm long loches of that species, which is also traded under the name of “medusa loach”, in stock. For our customers: the fish have code 455012 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Lexicon: Serpenticobitis: means “snake-Cobitis”; Cobitis is another genus of loach. […]

  • Schistura pridii

    16. May 2012

    We received very nice specimens of this nano-loach from Thailand – maximum length reported for the species is only 4.5 cm.  Available in limited numbers only! For our customers: the fish have code 454982 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

  • Somileptes gongota

    28. December 2011

    For the first time we received the fascinating cat-eyed loach, Somileptes gongota, from India. These fish are sand bottom dwellers that originate from higher regions. Temperature between 16 and 24°C, the water must be very clean and poor in bacteria, pH and hardness are of lesser meaning (in the wild, the water has a pH […]

  • Yasuhikotakia nigrolineata

    Yasuhikotakia nigrolineata

    16. August 2010

    This pretty loach is distributed in Laos, Thailand and parts of China. Obviously it is a close relative of the dwarf chain loach, Y. sidthimunki, and the behaviour of Y. nigrolineata is absolutely the same. However, there are two distinguishing features – besides the coloration: first, Y. nigrolineata become a bit larger, about 8 cm […]

  • Yunnanilus sp.

    Yunnanilus sp.

    2. February 2010

    The genus Yunnanilus comprises a comparably high number of species: 30 species are currently recognized as valid, but there are for sure much more species. Most known species have a very small distribution area. If you realize that only a very small part of the waters in the area of the genus have ever been […]

  • Sewellia speciosa

    26. January 2010

    Currently we were able to import this nice hillstream loach from Laos for the first time. The species is restricted to the Kong river influence in Laos and Vietnam. Maximum length is around 6 cm. The species has a very interesting sexual dimorphism. Males – which are in general more tiny than females – develope […]

  • Barbucca diabolica

    Barbucca diabolica

    15. July 2009

    Currently we managed to import one of the cutest loaches from Borneo for the first time. Barbucca diabolica is despite its terrifying name a totally peaceful animal. Sadly almost nothing is known about the species. In nature, it lives in small forest streams in the Kapuas system on Borneo. Our animals are already a bit […]