07. Carp like fishes (1): Loaches (72)

  • Yasuhikotakia nigrolineata

    Yasuhikotakia nigrolineata

    16. August 2010

    This pretty loach is distributed in Laos, Thailand and parts of China. Obviously it is a close relative of the dwarf chain loach, Y. sidthimunki, and the behaviour of Y. nigrolineata is absolutely the same. However, there are two distinguishing features – besides the coloration: first, Y. nigrolineata become a bit larger, about 8 cm […]

  • Yunnanilus sp.

    Yunnanilus sp.

    2. February 2010

    The genus Yunnanilus comprises a comparably high number of species: 30 species are currently recognized as valid, but there are for sure much more species. Most known species have a very small distribution area. If you realize that only a very small part of the waters in the area of the genus have ever been […]

  • Sewellia speciosa

    26. January 2010

    Currently we were able to import this nice hillstream loach from Laos for the first time. The species is restricted to the Kong river influence in Laos and Vietnam. Maximum length is around 6 cm. The species has a very interesting sexual dimorphism. Males – which are in general more tiny than females – develope […]

  • Hillstream loach week at Aquarium Glaser! Part 4: Chinese Rarities

    27. March 2009

    Vanmanenia pingchowensis Only three specimens of this attractive species were imported recently. The fish are about 8 cm long and seem to be almost fully grown. The species is found in mountain strams, where they live on the bottom between pebbles. Erromyzon sinensis This is a small species, reaching hardly 5 cm. It is interesting […]

  • Hillstream loach week at Aquarium Glaser! Part 2: Beaufortia leveretti

    24. March 2009

    This is by far the most often offered hillstream loach. It originates from China and Vietnam, but is currently imported from China only. The whole habitus is very similar to the Sewellia species we presented yesterday. The coloration is formed by pretty black spots on golden underground. The most important fact one has to know […]

  • Hillstream loach week at Aquarium Glaser! Part 1: Introduction & Sewellia

    23. March 2009

    Currently we can offer a great number of varieties off hillstream loaches. That´s the reason for this week´s special. We want to show you how interesting and diverse these fishes are. Sewellia lineolata Systematically speaking, the hillstream loaches belong to the family Baltoridae. This means that they are close relatives of the river loaches (Nemacheilus, […]

  • Protomyzon pachychilus

    2. March 2009

    For the first time we were able to import these charming hillstream loaches. Due to their origin (China) and their black&white coloration we call them dwarf panda hillstream loaches. Although the species has been scientifically described back in 1980 in a Chinese journal almost nothing has been published concerning the beautiful animal since then. Our […]

  • Schistura cf. jarutanini

    Schistura cf. jarutanini

    19. February 2009

    The brook loaches of the genus Schistura are far spread over South and Southeast Asia. There are hundreds of species, most of them still scientifically undescribed. Almost each flowing water has it´s own species. So it is no surprise that some of the species also became cave-dwellers. We could import a small number of individuals […]

  • Acantopsis sp.

    7. November 2008

    (Nov.6th 2008)Due to its unusual head shape the horseface loach A. coirorhynchos is one of the most popular aquarium fish. In nature they often are residents of clear rivers, where you can find them especially on sandy grounds. Inside the aquarium you also have to provide sandy ground, which allows them to completely bury themselves. […]