08. Carp like fishes (2): Barbs, minnows, carps, goldfish etc. (199)

  • Carassius auratus Oranda Panda

    3. July 2017

    If one listens to the breeders the black and white goldfish are called „magpie goldfish“, animals with telescope eyes ae called „demekin“ and the fish with a double, but compartively small tailfin are „fantails“. An oranda, on the other hand, is a hooded fish in the language of the breeders. But honestly: who would call […]

  • Brevibora dorsiocellata

    17. June 2017

    Once more we were able to import this beautiful dwarf rasbora in good numbers. Al large school of them is a fascinating look! The Eyespot Rasbora, Brevibora dorsiocellata, is a well known, classical aquarium fish. Sadly the species became almost forgotten in the 1980ies. It was Mr. Takashi Amano from Japan who was responsible for […]

  • Puntius titteya „Longfin“

    8. May 2017

    Quite recently a new sport of the cherry barb, Puntius titteya, apperaed in the market. The fish are offered from Southeast Asia. We have imported them now for the very first time. A most intersting fact is that in this sport only the caudal fin is prolonged, the remaining fins have normal size. In all […]

  • Luciosoma setigerum

    3. May 2017

    This barb with the extremely aerodynamic shape originates from Indonesia. Despite the size the fish can reach – up to 25 cm – the peaceful and splendid colored fish is an ideal inhabitant for a community tank with other large barbs from Asia, like Bala sharks (Balantiocheilus) or Sahyadria denisonii. For our customers: the fish […]

  • Boraras brigittae

    21. April 2017

    Dieter Vogt described in 1978 a subspecies of Rasbora urophthalma (please see the entry for Boraras urophthalmoides in our fisharchives: http://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/fish-archives/boraras_urophthalmoides_formerly_rasbora_urophthalma__en/) from Borneo. He named the fish Rasbora urophthalma brigittae, a dedication name in honour for his wife Brigitte. The German name is „mosquito rasbora“. This is not because the fish are as tiny as […]

  • Trigonostigma heteromorpha Wild

    5. April 2017

    Genetic investigations showed that there is not only one species of harlequin barb, but a number of sibling species, which have to be described scientifically yet. This becomes very obvious when we come across wild collected specimens.  We currently received wild collected harlequins from southern Thailand. They have a very different coloration, compared with „normal“ […]

  • Danio sp. Hikari Blue & Yellow

    8. March 2017

    Hikari-Danios belong to a scientifically still undescribed species of Danio from Burma. The closest relative is Danio kerri. However, Hikari danios are by far more colorful than D. kerri and really beautiful fish. Keeping and breeding Hikari Danios is absolutely comparable to the very well known zebra fish, Danio rerio. Hikari danios attain a maximum […]

  • Trigonostigma hengeli

    1. March 2017

    Currently, from a scientific point of view, only three harlequins are distinguished (plus the aberrant Trigonostigma somphongsi); however, genetic studies and – as well – simple observation of live, wild collected specimens of different origins clearly show that there are many more species. Trigonostigma hengeli is the tiniest and most dainty species of the three […]

  • Myxocyprinus asiaticus

    27. February 2017

    We have the Chinese Whimple Carp, sometimes called the Batman-Loach, almost anytime in stock. Sadly the species is in danger of extinction in the wild, mainly due to hydroelectric power stations. All specimens traded come from aquaculture and are bred in captivity. Usually we get the fish from Singapore, but as a test we ordered […]

  • Cyprinion semiplotum

    10. February 2017

    One of the advantages of the aquarium hobby is that there exists a species of fish for any thinkable taste. Most of our readers will for sure prefer the cardinal tetra, but the plump and drab coloured Cyprinion semiplotum is also worth a look. This species of carp attains a maximum length of about 60 […]