10a. Catfishes: Corydoras & Co. (152)

  • Corydoras sp. “New Panda” CW51

    15. July 2010

    Corydoras sp. “New Panda” from Colombia is so far the most spectacular new importation of the year. Hans-Georg Evers, expert for Corydoras, guesses that the species may be found in the Rio Vaupes system, but still no assured information on that topic is available. It is very conspicious that the spot below the dorsal fin […]

  • Corydoras diphyes

    22. June 2010

    It has been quite a long time since we were able to import this pretty species from Paraguay, but now we managed it! Please click here for further information: http://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/fish-archive/corydoras-en/Corydoras_diphyes_en/ Text & photo: Frank Schäfer

  • Corydoras diphyes

    22. June 2010

    This Corydoras is available irregularly in Germany and has been recently described by Axenrot and Kullander (2003). C.dyphyes originates from the tributary of the Rio Monday, a river flowing into the Rio Parana in Paraguay. This species was described, for a long time, as Corydoras flaveolus which comes however from the Brazilian state of Sao […]

  • Corydoras orcesi

    26. May 2010

    This beautifully marked species appeared only very occasionally in the aquarium hobby. The fish has been described from the Rio Tigre system in Ecuador. Initially it was described as a subspecies of the similar Corydoras pastazensis. However, so far no intergrades have been found and this makes it very likely that both are seperate species. […]

  • Corydoras sp. aff. reynoldsi CW12

    20. April 2010

    Repeatedly we were able to import the longnosed Corydoras from Colombia that resembles the shortnosed C. reynoldsi. For the latter please check http://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/corydoras-reynoldsi–corydoras-tukano_en_1074.html. The longnosed species represents a species undescribed by science so far. Like all longnosed Corydoras this fish is somewhat variable regarding coloration. In contrast to the shortnosed species, longnosed Corydoras live more […]

  • Corydoras sp. NEW PANDA

    20. April 2010

    Last week we received for the first time ever this beautiful new Cory. Its fantastic black-and-white-coloration will make it without any doubts to one of the favorite species for Corydoras enthusiasts. Specialized aquarists already know the fish under the code CW51. More about this new entry here: http://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/fish-archive/corydoras-en/Corydoras_sp_New_Panda_CW51_en/ Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

  • Corydoras sp. C40

    20. January 2010

    This pretty cory comes from the Brazilian state of Rondonia. It is not possible to distinguish the fish from Corydoras griseus externally. However, Corydoras griseus comes from Guyana and between the collecting sites of both species are serveral thoundands of kilometers. So it was decided to wait until a scientist has researched the identity of […]

  • Corydoras agassizii

    10. December 2009

    There are around 150 described and accepted species of Corydoras and about as many undescribed species already known in the hobby. Thus it is rather difficult to keep track of all of them. Additionally many species are pretty variable regarding coloration. One of those species is Corydoras agassizii which imitates at least four other species […]

  • Corydoras sp. aff. armatus

    9. December 2009

    Some weeks ago we proudly presented to you this Corydoras species, which we were able to import for the first time ever (http://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/fish-archive/corydoras-en/Corydoras_sp_aff_armatus_CW45_en/ ). Now the fish haved settled and developed such a nice coloration that we feel you will enjoy another photo.Text & photo: Frank Schäfer

  • Coydoras duplicareus

    4. November 2009

    Finally we received a well known species in beautiful specimens: Corydoras duplicareus. The only problem with this Corydoras gem is to distinguish it from its close relative C. adolfoi. Otherwise the fish is undemanding and will quickly find a new happy owner. Text & photos: Frank Schäfer