10a. Catfishes: Corydoras & Co. (152)

  • Corydoras sp. aff. armatus CW45

    4. November 2009

    For the first time ever we were able to import another species of Corydoras. This species is for sure scientifically undescribed. It reminds one a bit on C. armatus due to the extremely long dorsal spine, but C. armatus never has the golden spot on the back which is present in our new species. The […]

  • Corydoras eques, C. sp. aff. armatus and Corydoras duplicareus

    4. November 2009

      From the Brazilian state of Amazonas we received a species of Corydoras, which is long known to science but almost unknown in the hobby: Corydoras eques. This unique and extremely colourful species was collected near Anori. For the first time ever we were able to import another species of Corydoras. This species is for […]

  • Hoplosternum punctatum

    29. September 2009

    Plated catfish from the genus Hoplosternum are known in the hobby mainly from relatively large growing species, which can reach 15 to 20 cm in length. However, there also exist small species, like H. punctatum, which hardly grows larger than 7 cm. The natural distribution of this species is in Panama and in the rivers […]

  • Corydoras from the Rio Jamanxim – C. bifasciatus?

    25. September 2009

    From the Rio Jamanxim in the state of Pará, Brazil, we received for the second time now beautiful Corydoras catfish.  The Rio Jamanxim is a tribute to the Rio Tapajós. The first shipment of corys from there contained only long snouted animals, whereas the second shipment contained the shortsnouted counterpart. The new corys remind one […]

  • Corydoras narcissus and CW6

    19. August 2009

    Corydoras narcissus is a beautiful, relatively large species of Corydoras from Brazil. The maximum length is given with 10 cm. In Brazil, the species occurs in the Rio Purus system. C. narcissus belongs to the group of Corydoras with a saddle shaped snout. Like all members of this group it is not a schooling fish […]

  • Corydoras longipinnis

    12. June 2009

    We were able to import a new Corydoras species from Argentina, namely Corydoras longipinnis. This species has been scientifically described as recently as 2007 by Joachim Knaack. The new species is a close relative to the well known Corydoars paleatus and reminds one somewhat of the longfinned sport of that species. In Corydoras longipinnis only […]

  • Corydoras reynoldsi & Corydoras tukano

    4. February 2009

    Corydoras reynoldsi is a pretty cory catfish that has been described in 1960. It was collected in the Caquetà province, eastern Colombia. It remained unknown in the hobby quite long, as this area is far away from the usual collecting areas. In 1997 the cory enthusiasts became aware of another, quite similar species of Corydoras […]

  • Corydoras sp. „Uruara“ CW037

    13. November 2008

    (Nov.13th 2008) This beautiful Corydoras is from Brasil, from Rio Uruara , which flows into Rio Curua Una south of the Amazonas to be exact. It was imported to Germany only in very small numbers. The more pleasant it is that bred ones are available for the first time. The catfish recall very much of […]

  • Corydoras duplicareus

    17. April 2008

    (17.April 2008) An old friend and also a newcomer: Corydoras duplicareus. Not a long time ago, this beautiful catfish was sold as Corydoras adolfoi. For a non-expert the differences are not clear on the first look. The main difference is the black band, which is more wide than from C. adolfoi. It is definitely a […]

  • Corydoras sp. C 115/116

    16. January 2008

    (16.Jan.2008) This Longnose armored catfish was caught by Hoffmann & Hoffmann in Peru in a small canyon 50km away from Puerto Maldonado toward Boliva in 2004 and brought along legally. The very variable drawing, from monochromatically grey to big black spots on the sides of body (hence C115 and 116) is interesting. The breeding is […]