10b. Catfishes: Suckermouths, Plecos and L-numbers (229)

  • Zonancistrus sp. L52

    15. February 2017

    The season for plecos from the rio Orinoko started very well. Many much sought for species are available in many different sizes. Most specimens of the Orinoco Butterfly Pleco (L52) we currently have in stock are charming and very pretty youngsters, but we also have a few large (9-11 cm) animals in our fishhouse. The […]

  • Hemiloricaria bycatches

    25. July 2016

    The past days were dominated by whiptail catfish. Along with our first importation of Pseudoloricaria sp. (see http://www.aquariumglaser.de/aktuelles/pseudoloricaria-sp-2/) came as bycatch not less than four different species of Hemiloricaria! This is extremely unusual, for all these species have a very similar way of life and so they stand in direct competetion to each other. The […]

  • Pseudoloricaria sp.

    21. June 2016

    Yesterday we introduced to you a brandnew „Hemiloricaria“ and mentioned that the determination of the species is very doubtful. Now we were able to take pictures of the ventral side of the animals and the enigma was solved: these fish are no Hemiloricaria at all, but members of the genus Pseudoloricaria! In Pseudoloricaria the lower […]

  • Chaetostoma L455 Tiger

    2. May 2016

    After quite a long time we were able again to import the pretty Chaetostoma sp. L455 Tiger from Peru. Generally speaking, species belonging to Chaetostoma do not attract by nice coloration, but this species is really an exception from the rule. This is true at least for the males, the females do not have the […]

  • Panaqolus albivermis, L204

    26. April 2016

    Currently we have all sizes of L204 in stock, among them fully grown specimens. They show impressively how different the individual pattern in loricariids can be. We have specimens with small spots, species-specificly banded animals and all thinkable intergrades. The photos were made from four fully grown specimens in our fishhouse, size-class 11-14 cm. Pictures […]

  • First import of Rhadinoloricaria macromystax

    20. April 2016

    Even keepers specialized in whiptail catfish will hardly know this fish. Until now only preserved specimens or pictures of animals photographed in the field were known. Now we were able for the first time ever to import some specimens alive from Venezuela. The species has been described in 1869 from Peru. These fish are extremely […]

  • L102, Hypancistrus inspector

    4. March 2016

    Once more we could import the beautiful Snowball Pleco (Hypancistrus inspector, L102) from the Rio Negro in Brazil. The species can attain a maximum length of about 18-20 cm and is one of the largest species in Hypancistrus. However, our fish in stock are currently only 6-12 cm long. In the most current import we […]

  • Loricaria sp. Rio Atabapo

    3. February 2016

    Finally we are able again to offer bred specimens of this Loricaria. It is the most beautiful species of the genus. Like all its relatives it is a mouthbrooding species. The males carry the egg-clusters along with them. For this they use the lower lip, which becomes much bigger during the breeding season, until the […]

  • Rineloricaria lanceolata

    20. November 2015

    Currently we obtain very nice Rineloricaria lanceolata from Paraguay. This species of whiptail catfish is very variable in respect of coloration. Almost all colours from deep dark brown (almost black) to a light clay-brown can be observed. It was back in the 1980ies that a brick-red sport of whiptail catfish appeared in the former GDR. […]

  • Hypancistrus sp. L66 King Tiger Pleco

    13. November 2015

    The King Tiger Pleco originates from the Rio Xingu in Brazil. The species belongs to the most popular plecos in the hobby. This fish attains a length of about 15 cm. Currently we can offer very nice German bred ones (4-5 cm long), which have a pretty and strongly contrasting black-and-white-pattern. Like in all species […]