10c. Catfishes: remaining catfish from South America (77)

  • Extraordinary rare thorny catfish from Peru

    14. November 2014

    The Thorny Catfishes (Doradiae) are a small family of exclusively South American catfish. Currently 41 genera containing 127 species are known, but continuously new species become discovered. The largest species attain a maximum length of more than 100 cm. The world record for Opsodoras niger is 120 cm and a weight of 20 kg. The […]

  • Amblydoras nauticus

    26. September 2014

    Catfishes have no scales. But many species have bony plates that cover and protect the body. In the family Doradidae these plates are sometimes additionally armored by spines. One of the most common species of Doradidae in Amazonia is the marbled talking catfish, Amblydoras nauticus. The species is not very popular by the natives, because […]

  • Trachelyopterus fisheri

    5. August 2014

    Currently we can offer a very odd species of catfish, namely Trachelyopterus fisheri. Initially this species of driftwood catfish orginates from Colombia where it is found in the system of the Rio Sucio. From that area only very occasionally importations appear. So we are quite happy that we have an adult wild collected male of […]

  • Ageneiosus marmoratus

    23. July 2014

    We were able to obtain this very rarely imported species of bottlenose catfish from Peru. A. marmoratus has a very wide distribution in Amazonia. The species is a predator that prefers to feed on live fish. The largest specimen known to science was about 20 cm long (ours are currently 12-15 cm long). It can […]

  • Platystomatichthys sturio

    16. June 2014

    Finally we are able again to offer one of the most bizarre species of predatory catfish of Amazonia: Platystomatichthys sturio. Anyone who sees the fish for the first time will think that the animal is distorted; however, the upturned snout-tip is rather species-specific. Nevertheless the grade of this upturn differs individually and depends also a […]

  • Aguarunichthys torosus

    27. May 2014

    We could import a very special fish for the hobbyists specialized in predatory catfish from Peru: Aguarunichthys torosus. This species has been discovered only in 1986. Isn´t it fascinating that nature has the same solution for totally different species over and under the water? The spotted pattern of A. torosus is very similar to the […]

  • Cephalosilurus apurensis

    20. November 2013

    We have a real delicacy for fans of predatory catfish in small numbers in stock: Cephalosilurus apurensis. This species becomes around 30 cm long. The fish are very hoggish and real personalities! For our customers: the fish have code 214633 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Text: Frank Schäfer, […]

  • Megalodoras uranoscopus (= irwini)

    9. October 2013

    Currently we have very nice juveniles of this large species (50-70 cm) of thorny catfish from Peru in stock. For our customers: the fish have code 267503 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

  • Asterophysus batrachus

    1. October 2013

    We could import a number of still young, about 5-7 cm long specimens of this unusual catfish from Venezuela. The fish feed readily on feeder fish. Here is the story that belongs to the animals: The Altum-Eater of the Atabapo In the spring of 2004 Aquarium Glaser managed to import for the first time one […]

  • Merodontotus tigrinus Bred

    10. September 2013

    We received for the first time now bred specimens of that highly demanded predatory catfish from Taiwan. Currently it is not allowed to export the species from Brazil. So we are very glad to cover the complete demand via bred ones. The fish are currently 12-15 cm long, maximum length reported is around 60 cm. […]