10d. Catfishes from Africa (32)

  • Synodontis ocellifer

    3. March 2015

    This is another catfish-beauty originating from Nigeria. Someone once said that this species of Synodontis can be characterized by three adjectives: peaceful, beautiful, and hardy. In fact S. ocellifer is one of the most peaceful species of Synodontis at all. The maximum length of S. ocellifer is about 20 cm. When they get older they […]

  • Synodontis sorex

    Synodontis sorex

    16. January 2015

    Two weeks ago we presented to you some species of catfish we imported from Nigeria. This wonderful shipment contained also some by-catches, which are species that were send erroneously along with the ordered specimens. One of these by-catches came with Synodontis clarias. It was the extremely rarely imported species Synodontis sorex. This “Scissortail-Squeaker” has a […]

  • Parailia pellucida

    Parailia pellucida

    10. December 2014

    The species in our small series on catfishes from Nigeria is – in contrast to the species described so far – always available and it fits perfectly in any community tank: the African Glass Catfish, Parailia pellucida. The maximum length is given with 15 cm in literature; however, we see only very rarely specimens larger […]

  • Clarotes laticeps

    Clarotes laticeps

    10. December 2014

    This is one of the large river catfishes of Africa. We were able to import some specimens once more from Nigeria. However, the species has a very far distribution and is found in the Nile, most parts of West Africa and also in the rivers that flow through the savannahs and riparian forests of East […]

  • Bagrus filamentosus

    4. December 2014

    The African genus Bagrus contains large, predatory catfish. The maximum size of the different species is between 30 cm and more than one meter! Sadly the determination of the species is rather difficult, because most of the 11 species that are regarded as valid currently have been described before WW2. A modern revision does not […]

  • Synodontis clarias

    4. December 2014

    This week we want to focus on unusual species of catfish from Nigeria. Today: Synodontis clarias. This is the first species of Synodontis that became known by scientists. The original scientific description dates back to 1758 and was done by Linnaeus. Nevertheless the species is exported only very occasionally for aquaristic purposes. The fish attains […]

  • Synodontis batensoda

    Synodontis batensoda

    1. December 2014

    There does exist a good number of species of Synodontis that tend to swim upside down. The best known species is without any doubt the upside down cat, Synodontis nigriventris from the Congo. Now we were able to import the very rarely offered Synodontis batensoda from Nigeria, which shows a similar behaviour. It seems to […]

  • Clarias gariepinus marbled

    Clarias gariepinus marbled

    20. October 2014

    Sometimes it is almost impossible to distinguish between a food fish and an ornamental fish. The marbled Clarias is, however, bred in Southeast Asia as a food fish for human consumption. It grows extremely fast, is very hardy and can survive on the market without water for many hours, because it has an accessory breathing […]

  • Synodontis notatus

    7. October 2014

    We were able to import a pretty species of squeaker from the Congo: Synodotis notatus. The species attains a maximum length of about 25 cm and is worth mentioning for at least two reasons: first, the number of spots on the flanks varies a lot individually. Most specimens have only one spot, but there are […]

  • Synodontis robertsi

    18. August 2014

    The squeakers (Synodontis) are a very species-rich genus. More than 130 species are known, all of them originate from Africa. In the countries of their origin most species are used for food. In the aquarium hobby most species are unknown with a few exceptions. Among the most pretty, smallest and rarest species of Synodontis is […]