10d. Catfishes from Africa (34)

  • Synodontis notatus

    7. October 2014

    We were able to import a pretty species of squeaker from the Congo: Synodotis notatus. The species attains a maximum length of about 25 cm and is worth mentioning for at least two reasons: first, the number of spots on the flanks varies a lot individually. Most specimens have only one spot, but there are […]

  • Synodontis robertsi

    18. August 2014

    The squeakers (Synodontis) are a very species-rich genus. More than 130 species are known, all of them originate from Africa. In the countries of their origin most species are used for food. In the aquarium hobby most species are unknown with a few exceptions. Among the most pretty, smallest and rarest species of Synodontis is […]

  • Synodontis bastiani

    Synodontis bastiani

    7. March 2014

    The squeakers (Synodontis) are a species-rich genus of catfish from Africa. Currently 131 accepted species are known. The maximum size of these fish lies between 8 cm and 60 cm. Most species attain a maximum length of 15-20 cm in the aquarium. In their home-countries these fish are very common and heavily used as food […]

  • Synodontis pardalis

    20. January 2014

    We received with the current Cameroon importation this beautiful squeaker, which can attain a maximum length of about 20 cm. The species is known only from the river Dja and its affluent Libi. This is the reason why the fish is considered an endangered species, for the Dja is heavily destroyed and polluted due to […]

  • Synodontis nigriventris – finally available again!

    28. May 2013

    This species represents without any doubt the most popular African catfish at all. The Upside Down Cat (Synodontis nigriventris) has reached us in good numbers and a perfect size again. Currently the fish are 3-4 cm long. For our customers: the fish have code 183402 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the […]

  • Synodontis sp. aff. nigriventris ZEBRA

    27. September 2011

    We currently have a limited number of the very pretty and rare Synodontis sp. aff. nigriventris ZEBRA in stock. The species differs from the “common” Upside Down Catfish by the extremely contrasting pattern. The species is – as far as it is known – restricted to the Mai Ndome region in the DR Congo. Size […]

  • Parauchenoglanis punctatus

    4. February 2010

    Parauchenoglanis punctatus: Among the imports from central Africa this beautiful catfish is a real rarity. It is known so far only from the central Congo basin. From that region only few fish are imported regulary. The species attains a length of approximately 40 cm. Thus it is a perfect tankmate for show aquaria with larger […]

  • Synodontis lucipinna (= dwarf petricola)

    7. October 2009

    This beautiful Synodontis is a real dwarf compared with its numerous congeneers: it reaches only 8-10 cm (very old specimens in extreme spacy aquaria may reach 15 cm). In the hobby it became popular under the name “dwarf petricola”. Some species of Synodontis occuring in Lake Tanganyika (where S. lucipinnis is an endemic species) have […]

  • Synodontis granulosus

    6. June 2008

    (June 6th 2008) Actually we are able to supply one of the most beautiful member of the Synodontis family. They come from the Lake Tanganjika so they need harder water with a higher pH. These are extremely active fishes which¬†grow up to 25cm, so they should only be kept in bigger tanks. Adults are aggressive […]