10e. Catfishes from Asia (39)

  • Pseudomystus heokhuii

    29. February 2016

    This pretty species of bumblebee catfish was discovered and scientifically described only in 2008. We could import the species now for the first time ever. P. heokhuii becomes about 6 cm long and is a very peaceful species of catfish. Despite the fact that Pseudomystus heokhuii inhabits extreme blackwater habitats in the wild, where the […]

  • Chandramara chandramara, Rama rama, and Batasio tengana

    8. February 2016

    The mottled dwarf catfish, Chandramara chandramara, is a really nice guy from India. It becomes only 5 cm long and is absolutely peaceful. So it is an ideal tankmate for a comunity tank, for example with other ornamentals from Bengal, like the zebra danio, the rosy barb, or the dwarf gourami. Chandramara chandramara has been […]

  • Hara jerdoni

    27. January 2016

    Currently is the high season for the interesting moth cats (Hara). These catfish occur in India, Burma, and Thailand. The species are very difficult to tell apart, in many cases it is simply impossible in live animals. There are a few species that can be determined by a filament on the caudal fin, but most […]

  • Gagata cenia

    7. September 2015

    The Assamese Clown Catfish is the perfect choice for all aquarists that love lively species. This catfish attains a maximum length of about 15 cm, but matures at a length of less than 7 cm. The fish is a real energy pack. It can be hardly ever found resting for a minute, it is always […]

  • Bagrichthys macracanthus

    2. September 2015

    Currently we can offer a very seldom imported, unusual catfish from Southeast Asia (eastern Sumatra): Bagrichthys macracanthus. This catfish attains a maximum length of about 20 cm. In the wild, the species inhabits river portions with only very low current. Against conspecifics males are quite quarrelsome; kept by pair or in groups composed of one […]

  • Ompok bimaculatus and O. pabda

    29. June 2015

    Ompok are medium sized catfish that reach a length of 15-40 cm. They are close relatives of the only central European species of catfish, the Wels (Silurus glanis). Ompok look quite similar to the Wels. In southern and southeastern Asia, Ompok are favorite food fish, despite the fact that they are comparatively small. They are […]

  • Nemapteryx nenga

    26. June 2015

    This beautiful “freshwater shark” reached us from India. Formerly the species was placed in the genus Arius. Like all these Arius-relatives Nemapteryx nenga is not a shark at all, but a catfish. N. nenga attains a length of about 30 cm and should be kept in large aquaria only. These “freshwater sharks” are animals that […]

  • Hemibagrus (= Mystus) wyckii

    27. November 2014

    The predatory catfishes of Asia are always a bit neglected by the specialized hobbyists, compared with their cousins from South America. However, Hemibagrus wyckii is a hot candidate to change this point of view. The body is plain, pure black and only parts of the barbels and the borders of the caudal fin are of […]

  • Mystus tengara (M. carcio)

    14. November 2014

    We received the smallest of the striped catfish species from India, which were all called formerly “Mystus vittatus”. The small species also had to face a real mess regarding the correct naming. For a long time the small species was called M. tengara, currently most scientists believe that the correct name has to be M. […]

  • Clarias batrachus marbled

    26. September 2014

    Sometimes it is almost impossible to distinguish between a food fish and an ornamental fish. The marbled Clarias is, however, bred in Southeast Asia as a food fish for human consumption. It grows extremely fast, is very hardy and can survive on the market without water for many hours, because it has an accessory breathing […]