10e. Catfishes from Asia (39)

  • Kryptopterus minor

    15. August 2014

    The “Ghost catfish” has been kept for more than 80 years under a wrong name in our tanks. Initially it was determined as Kryptopterus bicirrhis, afterwards as K. minor. However, both determinations proofed to be wrong, the species was in fact new to science and still undescribed! Now it has a final name, ie Kryptopterus […]

  • Kryptopterus geminus

    30. June 2014

    The glass catfishes of the genus Kryptopterus are close relatives of the Wels catfish (Silurus glanis). However, in contrast to this giant among the freshwater fishes (Wels catfish can attain a length of up to 2 meteres), the glass catfishes stay small. The largest species known so far (K. cheveyi from the Mekong basin) becomes […]

  • Chaca bankanensis

    Chaca bankanensis

    26. June 2014

    The frogmouth catfishes of the genus Chaca are very unusual fish. Only four species are known. The look quite similar to each other and form a catfish family on their own, the Chacidae. Chaca lie on the bottom without any move for most of the day. They wait for shrimps or small fish that take […]

  • Ompok cf. fumidus

    Ompok cf. fumidus

    12. March 2014

    We don´t always get what we want. Initially we ordered the Malayan Giant Catfish Wallago leerii for one of our customers. But we received a species of Ompok from our Singapore supplier instead. However, this error is understandable. Even professional scientists have in the past confused both genera quite often and described a number of […]

  • Kryptopterus macrocephalus

    Kryptopterus macrocephalus

    7. March 2014

    We received a shipment of very nice Striped Glass Catfish from Indonesia. The fish are currently about 5 cm long. Superficially the Glass cats resemble vey much the species Kryptopterus macrocephalus, which can attain a maximum length of about 10 cm. However, there is one puzzling phenomenon: despite the small size of our fish they […]

  • Tachysurus fulvidraco

    28. February 2014

    We were able to import a second, beautiful Chinese catfish after Pseudobagrus trilineatus (see http://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/pseudobagrus-trilineatus_de_1581.html).Trachysurus fulividraco becomes about 12-15 cm long and is a perfect catfish for larger, unheated aquaria.The species is also often placed in the genus Pelteobagrus, but the international trade name is much more interesting: Chinese highway catfish! However, the scientific name […]

  • Pseudobagrus trilineatus

    18. February 2014

    This very interesting catfish originates from China. We received our first importation of the species now. The fish become about 7.5 cm long and live endemically (= they occur nowhere else) in the Dong Jiang influence in the Chinese province of Guangdong. There is no universal agreement among ichthyologist in which genus this fish should […]

  • Mystus leucophasis (formerly: Heterobagrus leucophasis)

    30. January 2014

    The Upside-Down-Cat from the Congo (Synodontis nigriventris, see http://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/news/Synodontis_nigriventris_finally_available_again__en/) is known by any aquarists child. But even experienced aquarists often don´t know that in Asia (in Burma) also occurs an upside down swimming species: Mystus leucophasis which can attain a maximum length of about 30 cm, but is commonly found 15-20 cm long. The schooling […]

  • Pseudolaguvia muricata

    Pseudolaguvia muricata

    11. December 2013

    Catfishes from Asia are sadly not “en vogue” currently. On the other hand, many new, attractive species have been discovered recently, which are perfect aquarium inhabitants. The first species of the genus Pseudolaguvia was discovered back in 1927, but only recently it was found that this genus represents a species-rich one. Pseudolaguvia are dwarf catfish […]

  • Wallago attu

    Wallago attu

    7. November 2013

    We had to try quite long, but finally we succeeded and could import some youngsters of one of the most voracious of all predatory Asian catfishes again. Wallago attu attains a maximum length of about 2 m. The enormous mouth extents far behind the eyes and it contains a large number of spiky teeth. The […]