10e. Catfishes from Asia (39)

  • A new name for the Ghost glass catfish: Kryptopterus vitreolus

    2. April 2013

    This extraordinary catfish is a popular aquarium inhabitant for more than 80 years now. The scientists Heok Hee Ng and Maurice Kottelat found out that it has been mis-identified over eight decades as Kryptopterus bicirrhis or K. minor and that the Ghost glass catfish represents a so far undescribed species. They named it as Kryptopterus […]

  • Mystus bocourti

    14. November 2011

    Due to its extremely prolonged dorsal fin this fascinating species has also been placed in a genus on its own for a long time, namely Heterobagrus. The catfish becomes around 20-25 cm long. It is a very peaceful species; however, fish of small size will be taken as food, but neither congeneers nor any other […]

  • Parakysis verrucosus

    27. September 2011

    For the first time ever we received this tiny and charming dwarf fish from Malaysia. It reaches only 3-4 cm in length. The species is adopted to black water habitats in nature, where the water is very soft and acidic. However, in our facility they have proofed so far to be unproblematic and quite gregarious. […]

  • Pseudeutropius – the mini shark cats

    3. September 2010

    The shark cats belonging to the genera Pangasius and Pangasianodon are very popular. The reason is their interesting swimming behaviour which reminds one in sharks. However, these fish have one big disadvantage: they grow to a very large size. Even the smallest of them, the common Siamese shark Pangasianodon hypophthalmus, becomes at least 30 – […]

  • Pseudomystus siamensis (= Leiocassis siamensis)

    15. January 2010

    It has been some time that we had this good old fashioned classic from Southeast Asia in our fishhouse. Pseudomystus siamensis originates from Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos and is a smaller species of catfish. Maximum length given in literature is 15 cm, but this length is hardly ever reached. Against congeneers and other species of […]

  • Akysis vespa

    10. November 2009

    Among the catfishes are several species that are able to take revenge for being caught by giving a poisonous sting. Although the venom has only mild effects on most people (burning, local swelling, pain) it might be even fatal for allergy sufferers. You should always keep in mind that our beloved honey bee is the […]

  • Pangasius bocourti

    15. July 2009

    Shark catfishes have received their common name according to their swimming behaviour, which is very similar to the way several species of shark do swim. Similar to sharks is also that the fishes do permanently swim and only seldom take a rest.Nowadays they are also well known by their scientific genus name, eg Pangasius, because […]

  • Oreoglanis siamensis

    21. April 2008

    (21.April 2008)…and again we got something very rare: Oreoglanis siamensis. But only a very few pieces. They live in the Mekong area and the Chao Phyraya basins. In the northern part of Thailand you can find them in the mountain area of Mae Nam Ping and Doi Chiang Dow. They are found in fast floating […]

  • Pseudeutropius atherinoides

    Pseudeutropius atherinoides

    6. July 2007

    The „shark cats“ of the genus Pangasius are highly seeked for aquarium fishes, because their swimming behaviour reminds one on a shark. Sadly all species grow very fast and none of the species stays smaller than 50 cm, some even reach 150 cm or even more. For some time now so-called „mini-pangasius“ are introduced to […]