11. Gymnotiformes: Knifefishes of the New World (23)

  • Gymnorhamphichthys cf. hypostomus

    21. October 2009

    The sand knifefishes (Rhamphichthyidae) from South America belong to the weak electric fishes. They send continously electric impulses which are used for tracing prey, orientation, and intraspecific communication. Currently three genera and 14 species are known. The genus Gymnorhamphichthys, also called thermometer knifefishes, contents five described species. There is hardly anything known about the fish, […]

  • Gymnotus stenoleucus

    6. February 2008

    (06.Feb.2008) At the moment we can offer this extremely rare, striking knife fish. Their habitat includes Venezuela, Guyana and other areas of the Amazonian lowlands, where it is inhabit quiet, slow-flowing waters. With a length of 15 cm, they are ideal for hobbyists aquaria. Reports about their maintenance are not available, so here you can […]

  • Hypancistrus spec. L 173 Nachzucht

    Hypopygus lepturus

    6. July 2007

    This representative of the South American knife fish is with no doubt the smallest of its genus. The total length is no more then 15 cm. This species comes from Paraguay. They show territorial behaviour against fish of the same species and therefore the aquarium should have plenty of cover possibilities like stones or bogwood. […]