17. Rainbow fishes and Co. (25)

  • Melanotaenia rubrostriata

    5. November 2012

    We obtained very nice German bred specimens of this colorful rainbowfish, which is found in the trade only very occasionally. Our specimens are currently 5-7 cm long. The species attains a maximum length of about 14 cm and each centimeter the fish grows it becomes even more colorful! For our customers: the fish have code […]

  • Pseudomugil cf. paskai Red-Neon

    26. September 2012

    For the first time ever we have this charming dwarf in stock. Maximum length is around 3.5 cm in males, females stay smaller. For our customers: the animals have code 446453 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

  • Pseudomugil signifer

    12. November 2009

    The species of the genus Pseudomgil are relatives of the rainbowfishes. But they stay much smaller and usually they reach only 4-5 cm in length. This is also true for P. signifer, which looks a bit like a miniature edition of the Celebes rainbowfish (Marosatherina ladigesi). The males are displaying the whole day through what […]

  • Telmatherina bonti

    21. November 2008

    The Malili lake system on Sulawesi (former Celebes) is home of spectacular shrimps, snails and mussels which are exported for the hobby. Now the import of an endemic atherinoid species was successful, namely Telmatherina bonti. Like many atherinoides of the Malili lakes this species is polychromatic, which means that males and females appear in different […]

  • Marosatherina ladigesi

    6. July 2007

    Marosatherina ladigesi the Celebes rainbow originates from Celebes, Sulawesi, (Indonesia) and Philippines. Juveniles and females have shorter fins and fairly drab colours. As they mature, males develop heightened colours long extensions of the dorsal and anal fins. These are peaceful, active, hardy and not at all shy. They do best in groups of seven or […]