18. Toothcarps: Killis and Livebearers (224)

  • Ilyodon whitei

    10. July 2009

    The genus Ilyodon currently comprises 4 or 5 species (the status of I. lennoni is under discussion). Like all livebearing members of the family Goodeidae (splitfins) they are restricted to the highlands of Mexico. Ilyodon whitei lives in the upper tributaries of the Rio Balsas on the Pacific slope of Mexico. The peaceful and elegant […]

  • Xiphophorus hellerii Platin Orange

    8. July 2009

    Xiphophorus hellerii Platin Orange: The latest sport in swordtails is this gorgeous variety. In swordtails exists an interesting gentic phenomenon. The gene for „albino“can be combined with body colours, if the body colours derive from a cross with platyfish. A real albino swordtail has red eyes and a whitish body. In the Platin Orange swordtail […]

  • Aphyosemion celiae celiae

    10. June 2009

    Killifishes of the genus Aphyosemion are among the most colorful fishes of the World. They become only a few centimetres long (in the case of Aphyosemion celiae: about 5 cm). Many killifishes are thought to be short living, delicate fish, aggressive towards other fish and difficult to maintain. A. celiae belongs to the species that […]

  • New Guppies available!

    17. September 2008

    From now in limited numbers available: beautiful strains of Guppies! Please note that you will get for all the strains the correct females.

  • Austrofundulus guajira german bred

    8. May 2008

    First time in stock in limited quantities: german bred Austrofundulus guajira. A real giant of the killi family: they grow up to 8-9cm. This is really one of the biggest killis of the new world!

  • Lamprichthys tanganicanus

    1. February 2008

    (04.Feb.2008) Currently in stock: Lamprichthys tanganicanus in excellent quality. As the name suggests they originally come from Lake Tanganyika where they inhabit the open water zone. Because they are very active swimmers, their brilliant azure-blue shimmers in constantly changing hues. With a size of 12 cm they are suitable for almost each Tanganyika tank and […]


    19. December 2007

    (19.Dec.2007) Also this new bred variety arrived here last week. Currently we only have a few pieces in stock, which are males only. The coloration “bleeding heart” – the deep red basic colour, which is only restricted to the below body half – can only appear at males for genetic reasons. The females cannot be […]

  • Micropoecilia picta RED

    1. November 2007

    (15.Jan.2008) FINALLY in good quantities available: MICROPOECILIA PICTA RED. From now we will have this beautiful fish on a regular base in stock. We get it from our breeder by pair. A much better availability is now guaranteed. (Photo & Text R. Neunkirchen)

  • Platy variatus „Highfin Orange“

    Platy variatus „Highfin Orange“

    6. July 2007

    This Highfin Platy certainly belongs to the most beautiful new breds of the last time. The flowing transition from scarlet to yellow and its enlarged backfin makes it’s attraction. Since it doesn’t differ from other Platys in it’s keeping demands, it will certainly become a gain in der Aquaristik.

  • Terranatos dolichopterus

    Terranatos dolichopterus

    6. July 2007

    May 2002: New arrival: german bred Terranatos dolichopterus, sailfin-killi (Aqualog “New World Killis, page 190 log-no: S27715). This fish comes from Venezuela, grows up to 5cm and should be kept in groups. The bottom of the tank should be peat, because they “dive” into the bottom when they spawn. (Photo F. Schäfer, Text K. Diehl)