19. Halfbeaks (18)

  • Hemirhamphodon phaiosoma

    17. September 2013

    For the first time ever we could import this very beautiful halfbeak from Indonesia. The halfbeaks of the genus Hemirhamphodon are adapted to blackwater in the wild. Thus they need – at least for the time of acclimatisation – very soft and acidic water. Maximum length of the species is around 6 cm (male), females […]

  • Nomorhamphus rex

    10. September 2013

    This species of halfbeak from Sulawesi (formerly: Celebes) has been described scientifically only last year (2012). It can be distinguished most easily by the coloration from N. ebrardtii, a quite similar species (see http://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/nomorhamphus-ebrardtii_de_1519.html). N. rex has yellow ventral fins, N. ebrardtii reddish-orange ones, N. rex has a red lower beak, the lower beak of […]

  • Nomorhamphus ebrardtii

    27. August 2013

    We imported very nice specimens of the halfbeak Nomorhamphus ebrardtii. This livebearing fish lives endemic (this means: exclusively there) on the island of Sulawesi, formerly known as Celebes. Here the species occurs mainly in smaller brooks. Maximum length of N. ebrardtii is around 6-7 cm. The bright orange-red fins are very striking as well as […]

  • Hemirhamphodon kuekenthali

    Hemirhamphodon kuekenthali

    1. August 2011

    Gorgeous, large specimens of this livebearing halfbeak reached us from Borneo (Sarawak) recently. The species can hardly be told apart from the better known relative, H. pogonognathus. However, we have the feeling that it is a bit stouter. But our determination bases mainly on the origin (Sarawak). Like all other Hemirhamphodon, H. kuekenthali is a […]

  • Hemirhamphodon tengah

    Hemirhamphodon tengah

    27. June 2011

    This pretty little fish is a challenge for experienced hobbyists. The species originates from Borneo. In contrast to the widespread prejudice halfbeaks of the genus Hemirhamphodon do not appear in brackish water; they are strictly bound to very soft and acidic water! These fishes are commonly found along with chocolate gouramis and small rasboras. The […]

  • Xenentodon canciloides

    Xenentodon canciloides

    18. January 2011

    The Needlefishes (Belonidae) are a relative small family and are represented by a small number (about 35) of species only, but these are very successful and can be found in marine and freshwater habitats of temperate and tropical regions worldwide. Some of them are so common that they form the basis of a commercial fishery […]

  • Nomorhamphus liemi

    Nomorhamphus liemi

    30. March 2010

      This wonderfully coloured halfbeak originates from the island of Sulawesi ( = Celebes) where it occurs in the southern half. In contrast to the closely related genus Dermogenys the upper and the lower jaw are approximately equally long (thus the generic name). In some species, however, is seems not so clear whether they belong […]

  • Potamorrhaphis guianensis

    Potamorrhaphis guianensis

    6. July 2007

    These fish belonging to needlefish (Belonidae) reach the aquariums of interested hobbyists only very seldom. These robbers, called halfbeak, come from almost all over Amazonia. You can find them also in the Orinoco catchment area as well as in the Guyana countries. These specialized surface fish are only suitable for the the hobbyists with restrictions […]