22. Spiny eels (19)

  • Mastacembelus erythrotaenia

    18. September 2012

    We do not have only one of the smallest species of spiny eel in stock, eg M. taeniagaster, but also one of the largest: Mastacembelus erythrotaenia. These splendid guys reach us from Indonesia and are real personalities for the owners of large tanks. The largest known specimen was about 1 m long. Currently we have […]

  • Macrognathus taeniagaster

    18. September 2012

    Basically speaking, the spiny eels of Asia can be divided in two groups: the small species belonging to the genus Macrognathus that reach usually only 10-15 cm total length and the large species of the genus Mastacembelus that grow to a length of more than 40 cm (maximum length reported: 100 cm). We received a […]

  • Caecomastacembelus brichardi

    8. August 2011

    One expects blind species of fish from cave systems or the deep sea. But in the rapids of the lower Congo river not less than 5 different species of blind fish exist (among them the only blind species of cichlid of the World, Lamprologus lethops) – and nobody can explain why these fish are blind. […]

  • Mastacembelus caudiocellatus

    9. July 2010

    Recently we were able to import this pretty spiny eel from Burma for the first time. It is a rather small (around 20 cm) species with a very contrasting pattern. The species lives endemically in the Lake Inle region in Burma. Lake Inle has medium hard water with a slightly alcalic pH. From Lake Inle […]

  • Macrognathus meklongensis

    1. December 2009

    We were able to import for the first time one of the smallest and most beautiful species of spiny eel: Macrognathus meklongensis from Thailand.This charming species becomes hardly 15 cm long and only as thick as a forefinger. The coloration differs very much depending on mood. The basic colour is a nice golden bonze, the […]

  • Synbranchus marmoratus

    Synbranchus marmoratus

    6. July 2007

    As a beauty in the conventional sense Synbranchus marmoratus can not be chracterised, but even the extraordinary has its attraction. At the moment we can offer beside swamp eels in „normal“ sizes a giant of approximately 1 m length. Of course a predator of this size should not be kept together with small „food fishes […]

  • Macrognathus aral

    Macrognathus aral

    6. July 2007

    This spiny eel originates from South East Asia, i.e. Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal up to Myanmar in their most southern distribution area. This fish is dawn and night active and will eat small fish. Therefore it should only be kept with larger tank fellows. In their natural habitat this species can reach a […]

  • Mastacembelus greshoffi

    6. July 2007

    Some time ago we could import Mastacembelus greshoffi from the Congo. Here we have a spiny eel getting approximately 35 cm long, which occurs over rocky bottoms in rivers and lakes, also in rapids. Spiny eels are intelligent fish, they show a multiplicity of interesting behaviours. They also can become amazing tame and eat then […]

  • Mastacembelus spec. „Kamerun“

    6. July 2007

    This spiny eel reached us from Cameroon. The classification to a species was so far not possible for us. Since spiny eels predominantly are found on sandy to muddy bottom, they require a sand substrate in which to dig and hide. Flat rocks are also good for these fish to burrow under; just make sure […]