25a: Perchlike fishes (1): Labyrinth fishes (143)

  • Betta splendens “Crown Tail Thai Flag”

    28. November 2018

    Three-coloured fighting fish have been around for many decades, they are usually called “Butterfly Bettas”. At the moment we have some specimens of a not only beautiful, but also symbolic Betta breed in stock, which are dyed in the national colours of Thailand! According to Wikipedia, the current flag of Thailand, a tricolour with five […]

  • Betta macrostoma

    16. November 2018

    For sure Betta macrostoma is one of the most beautiful species of fighting fish – and the most sensitive! There is hardly another known species of fish that becomes that easily infested by bacteria of any kind. Many breeders of Betta macrostoma use UV filters the whole year through to avoid bacterial development in the […]

  • Pseudosphromenus dayi

    14. November 2018

    The red spike-tail is a classic among the aquarium fish and is and is not missing in any manual of ornamental fish science before the Second World War. But its origin was always mysterious, the original description from the year 1909 was based on aquarium imports. Today it has become quiet around him and his […]

  • Betta splendens „Emerald Candy“

    9. November 2018

    This is the latest Betta creation from Southeast Asian breeders. A multicoloured short fin, where matte scales and emerald green shining body and fin parts contrast wonderfully with each other. For the first time we have received a hand-picked selection of this new breed from Betta splendens „Emerald Candy“. For our customers: the fish have […]

  • Badis badis

    5. November 2018

    The blue perch is a classic among aquarium fish and has been in the hobby for over 100 years. The maximum length of the peaceful animal is 5 cm. Males in courtship display are almost black with sometimes blue shimmering fins, in neutral colouring the animals are reddish brown with vertical black bandages (which can […]

  • Parosphromenus linkei

    29. October 2018

    The magnificent licorice guramis (Parosphromenus) have experienced a species explosion in recent years. Until 1979 only three species were known, today there are 20 scientifically described species and some more undescribed ones are already known in the hobby. Unfortunately, many are threatened with extinction because they live in peat swamps and these habitats are drained […]

  • Sphaerichthys osphromenoides

    12. October 2018

    From Indonesia we received beautiful, very large and strong chocolate Guramis (Sphaerichthys osphromenoides). Unfortunately the exact place of origin is not known, but we suspect that they come from the Indonesian part of Central Borneo, Kalimantan. Particularly noticeable in the animals is their high red portion in the coloration, which is however somewhat different with […]

  • Betta splendens Black Knight Pla Kat

    28. September 2018

    Black knights – that’s what Thai breeders call this beautiful, short-finned fighting fish, which we can offer at the moment. The animals are colored so intensively black that you can’t see any detail on normal exposed photos, they just look like a black surface. But if you overexpose strongly, you can see that the black […]

  • Channa sp. New Mimetic Orange Blotch

    3. August 2018

    Along with the yellow-lipped variety of Channa ornatipinnis this undescribed dwarf snakehead was collected. Currently the fish are about 12-15 cm long and seem to be fully grown; however, this cannot be said without some questionmarks. The whole habit and the coloration of the fish reminds one strongly in Channa andrao from North Bengal, but […]

  • Channa ornatipinnis

    30. July 2018

    When in 2007 the comparatibly small (about 20-25 cm) and very colourful species Channa ornatipinnis was described from the Rakhine State in Burma the fans of snakeheads were really enthusiastic. Soon after the first specimens appeared in the ornamental fish market. Since then the fish were offered regulary, but only from time to time.  But: […]