25b. Perchlike fishes (2): Cichlids from the Great African Lakes (50)

  • Shell dwelling cichlids from Lake Malawi: Maylandia cf. elegans LIKOMA

    3. August 2016

    A good number of shell dwelling cichlids – this means that the fish use empty shells of freshwater snails for hiding and breeding – is known from Lake Tanganyka. Here mosty species related to Lamprologus have chosen that way oft life. This is not astonishing, for all these cichlids are cave-brooders. So empty shells of […]

  • Callochromis macrops

    22. March 2016

    Is this a species of Geophagus from Lake Tanganyika? One can get these thoughts when seeing Callochromis macrops the first time. However, this mouthbrooding sand cichlids belong to the large Haplochromis-relationship. The ability to change the coloration is breathtaking in this species. The same individual that right now looked silvery or blotched will become in […]

  • Chalinochromis brichardi

    19. January 2016

    This pretty cichlid from Lake Tanganyika is only very, very occasionally found in the trade. This is hard to understand. Despite the fact that the coloration is rather simple, the fish are quite conspicuous. Keeping and breeding can be compared with the closely related genus Julidochromis. Maximum size of Chalinochromis brichardi is about 12 cm. […]

  • Labidochromis sp. Hongi “Sweden”

    26. June 2015

    We received about 4 cm long bred specimens of this incredibly colourful sport. These fish do not exist in the wild. The additional name “Sweden” has been chosen, because it is said that in Sweden the food mix has been discovered that brings the unbelievable colours on the fish. For our customers: the animals have […]

  • Copadichromis borleyi Kadango Red Fin

    7. April 2015

    Copadichromis borleyi is a species of cichlid that inhabits Lake Malawi. It is found there pretty widespread. Males obtain a maximum length of 18 cm, females stay smaller and become only 15 cm long. The addition “Kadango” to the scientific name refers to a place in the south-east of Lake Malawi. Copadichromis are planctivorous fishes […]

  • Labidochromis caeruleus WHITE

    17. March 2015

    Labidochromis caeruleus is among the most popular cichlids from Lake Malawi. Usually a bright yellow sport of that fish is available in the hobby. Only comparatively recently a white sport of the fish appeared in the ornamental fish trade. It is not an artificial sport, but a variety that is found in the wild. The […]

  • Neolamprologus pulcher

    17. March 2015

    Deep inside of even the straightest democrat seems to live a small royalist. How can it be explained otherways that extraordinary beautiful species of ornamental fish so often get royal popular names? The first Neolamprologus with a lunate tail fin with long filaments was imported around 1958. It very soon was called the “Princess of […]

  • Julidochromis marksmithi

    26. January 2015

    The cichlids of the genus Julidochromis are among the most popular species of cichlid from Lake Tanganyika. Until recently five different species have been recognized. All of them are kept and bred in home aquaria. These are J. dickfeldi, J. marlieri, J. ornatus, J. regani, and J. transcriptus. The most recently described species of those […]

  • Cynotilapia pulpican

    15. September 2014

    At the first glimpse Cynotilapia look very much alike the Malawi Zebras of the genus Maylandia In contrast to the zebras, in Cynotilapia the teeth are monoscupid (with two cusps in zebras). This difference is of more importance than one should think, for the zebras feed on Aufwuchs (eg the algae film on rocks etc. […]

  • Pseudotropheus crabro

    Pseudotropheus crabro

    21. July 2014

    The colorful mouthbrooders from Lake Malawi – the so called mbuna – belong to the most popular aquarium fish over decades already. They are also called the “coralfish of freshwater”, for – like their salty relatives – they unite splendid colours and a rather quarrelsome temper. The latter is due to the very restricted food […]