25b. Perchlike fishes (2): Cichlids from the Great African Lakes (65)

  • Teleogramma brichardi

    9. November 2011

    Currently we have a limited number of the very rare cichlid Teleogramma brichardi from the Congo in stock. For our customers: the fish have code 576303 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

  • Tropheus sp. Yellow

    Tropheus sp. Yellow

    27. September 2011

    Currently we have extreme beautiful Tropheus sp. “Yellow” in stock which already display bright colours when young! For our customers: the fish have code 586302 on our stocklist. Please note that w exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

  • Gnathochromis permaxillaris arrived

    25. March 2011

    This week we received bred specimens of this very rare cichlid from Lake Tanganjika. A breeding report can be found at http://www.aqualog.de/news/web3/3-7.pdf For our customers: the fish has code 520703 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Lexicon: Gnathochromis: ancient Greek, means “jaw-chromis”, referring to the very special mouth structure. […]

  • Lamprologus signatus

    7. December 2010

    This beautiful cichlid from Lake Tanganyika belongs to the dwarf cichlids. Males become around 5.5 cm, females around 3.5 cm long. At the first glimpse one would think that these tiny fish are “snail brooders”, e.g. that the females would spawn only in empty snail shells. However, this is not true. In their natural habitat […]

  • Placidochromis sp. “Phenochilus Tanzania”

    3. September 2010

    The generic placement of the Malawian cichlids formerly lumped in the genus Haplochromis depend on their melanin pattern, eg the black markings in the basic coloration. Sadly the melanin pattern is not recognisable in the only existing type specimen of Haplochromis phenochilus, which was described in 1935; thus its correct generic placement remains unknown until […]

  • Neolamprologus meeli

    13. November 2009

    Among the snail-dwelling cichlids of Lake Tanganyika are some species that look very much alike and in some cases it remains still unclear whether the scientific name applied on them is correct or not. Neolamprologus meeli has been described in 1948 by Max Poll from a place near Katibili which belongs to the Congolese part […]

  • Telmatochromis temporalis

    1. October 2009

    Snail-cichlids are a specialty of Lake Tanganyika. Of course also other places on earth exist where empty shells of snails are used by fish for hiding or breeding. But nowhere else than in Lake Tanganyika are so many specialized species. In Lake Tanganyika real fields of empty snail-shells exist. Empty shells that lie here and […]

  • Cynotilapia axelrodi

    30. September 2009

    Currently we have received beautiful C. axelrodi from a breeder. The animals are full in colour and about 4-6 cm long. Maximum length for this species is given around 9 cm. Cynotilapia are typical mbuna cichlids. They differ from the closely related Maylandia (the zebras) by the dentition. Keeping is identical, which means they need […]

  • Eretmodus cyanostictus “Makombe”

    25. February 2009

    Actually we can offer very pretty Tanganyika Clowns, Eretmodus cyanostictus, from Makombe. Like so many other cichlids from the lake they have developed a lot of different geographical varieties. Eretmodus are highly specialized fishes. In the wild they live in the very shallow water of the shore. Here, in the surf, they feed on aufwuchs. […]

  • Altolamprologus compressiceps

    6. July 2007

    From the shores of lake Tanganjika orgins (Alto)lamprologus compressiceps. There the about 13 cm long getting fishhunter inhabits the detrital zone, which it roams on search for food. When a prey is seen it approaches in slow motion, near the booty it speeds up and catches the victim. Because of its strong lateral flattening it […]