25c. Perchlike fishes (3): Remaining cichlids from Africa (75)

  • Hemichromis exsul

    26. January 2018

    Red jewel cichlids are wonderful aquariumfishes despite the fact that sometimes very quarrelsome individuals appear. For scientists the complex of species of red jewel cichlids remains a mess. Many meristic features overlap and additionally many species are highly polychromatic. Hemichromis exsul has been described scientifically already in 1933 under the name of Pelmatochromis exsul. Type […]

  • Tilapia buettikoferi

    8. November 2017

    There are several species of cichlid termed „zebra cichlid“ in the aquarium hobby. However, none of the has a black-and-white pattern like the wild horse, but a green or blue basic colour. Examples are „Zebra cichlid“ from Central America (Amatilania nigrofasciata, formerly placed in Cichlasoma) or the „zebras“ from Lake Malawi (genus Maylandia). A real […]

  • Congochromis sabinae and C. sp. „Green Speckle“

    29. September 2017

    We obtained these beautiful and extremely rarely offered dwarf cichlids as bycatches with other fishes from the Congo. Congochromis sabinae was prior to its scientific description known under a number of trade names: C. sp. „Bloody Mary“, C. sp. „Gemena“, C. sp. „Bamanja“ or C. sp. „Makoua, all of them also in the combination with […]

  • Wallaceochromis signatus

    6. June 2017

    Prior to its scientific description this species as been known in the hobby under the names of Pelvicachromis sp. „Bandi1“ or „Guinea“. The species can be always easily recognized by the black tailspot of the female. Usally the female has only one black spot in the dorsal fin; the fact that the photomodel from our […]

  • Pelvicachromis roloffi

    1. June 2017

    The maybe rarest of all dwarf cichlids of the genus Pelvicachromis is P. roloffi. So we are very glad that in our current import from Guinea some specimens were included. This species depicts in almost all different moods a clearly visible, horizontal band. The females are – as usual in Pelvicachromis – the more colorful […]

  • Wallaceochromis humilis „Kasewe“

    30. May 2017

    Finally we were able again to organize an import of – inter alia – dwarf cichlids from Guinea. Formerly all these fish were placed in the genus Pelvicachromis, but the species humilis, signatus, and rubrolabiatus have been transferred to the newly described genus Wallaceochromis in 2016. The naming of the different local populations of these […]

  • Benitochromis nigrodorsalis

    2. April 2017

    We can cvurrently offer a very small number of German bred specimens of a top rarity among the cichlids of western Africa: Benitochromis nigrodorsalis. This species has been described scientifically only in 2001. It originates from Cameroon and the island of Fernando Poo. Prior to the scientific descrption the fish was known as „Chromidotilapia finleyi […]

  • Pelvicachromis pulcher wild Yellow

    6. March 2017

    The yellow sport of Pelvicachromis pulcher originates from southwest Nigeria. Here they are collected west of the Niger delta in the area of the Ethiop river. The names Yellow, Red or Green for the different sports of P. pulcher refers to the colour of the opercles; all of them get a red belly at times. […]

  • Hemichromis sp. Neon

    3. March 2017

    If the only thing a hobbyist cares for for be the coloration, we would hardly need other species than Jewel Cichlids. The „Neon“ is an artifical sport, most probably bred by crossing different species and selection. The blue iridescent spots, present in most species of Hemichromis, are much larger in the „Neon“ sport. With respect […]

  • Pelvicachromis taeniatus NIGERIA RED

    18. July 2016

    Dwarf cichlids from western Africa are bit out of fashion currently. Nobody knows a real good reason why, as usual in fashion. However, anyone who sees the gorgeous Pelvicachromis taeniatus “Nigeria Red” we can offer right now as German bred ones, will become crazy for a new fashion immediately and place a tank with these […]