25c. Perchlike fishes (3): Remaining cichlids from Africa (75)

  • Oreochromis niloticus

    21. June 2016

    There is most probably no other species of fish that is so much loved on the one hand and so much hated on the other: the Nile Mouthbrooder, often called simply „Tilapia“. As a food fish this omnivorous species – plant matter forms a large part of the diet – can be cultured even in […]

  • Nanochromis parilus

    30. September 2015

    Nanochromis parilus is a species of dwarf cichlid that originates from the Congo region. Usually we offer this species as wild collected ones. But currently we found a breeder that can supply us with fully grown, very healthy, gorgeous animals. It is quite interesting that among these bred fishes two types of males appear. Some […]

  • Ctenochromis polli (= Haplochromis polli)

    27. July 2015

    One expects cichlids of the Haplochromis relationship rather in eastern Africa than in the Congo region. However, a few species appear there. Three species of the genus Ctenochromis (formerly placed in Haplochromis) live in the Congo. They are quite common in their habitat, but hardly ever exported. So they belong to the top rarities in […]

  • Hemichromis letourneauxi

    4. May 2015

    Our current import from Guinea contained also two “classical” red jewel cichlids. They were sent under the names of H. letourneauxi and H. cristatus, respecively. Initially we fully agreed with those determinations. The H. letourneauxi showed all features typical for the species, eg the comparatively elongate body and the lateral spot placed comparatively far in […]

  • Paratilapia polleni

    13. April 2015

    Many of the endemic species of cichlid from the island of Madagascar are endangered of extinction. This is due to destruction of the natural environments and the release of foreign fish species for food purposes. Sadly most of the Madagascar cichlids could not yet established as aquarium fish. An exception from that rule is the […]

  • Tylochromis cf. lateralis German bred

    7. April 2015

    For the first time ever we can offer German bred specimens of this beautiful and unusual large cichlid. The parents have been imported from the Congo. Keeping and breeding were successful under the following conditions: total hardness 14°, pH 7. The sexes show a clearly visible sexual dimorphism at an age of about 1.5 -2 […]

  • Pelvicachromis taeniatus

    14. January 2015

    Once more a change of names of well-known aquarium fishes appeared. The different forms of Pewlvicachromis taeniatus have been regarded for decades as mere colour varieties of the very same biological species. But now a new study has been published which laces almost all “varieties” from Cameroon under the taxon Pelvicachromis kribensis. Only one “variety” […]