25d. Perchlike fishes (4): South American Dwarf Cichlids (109)

  • Apistogramma elizabethae

    24. February 2017

    On wednesday we received wild collected Apistogramma elizabethae. Anytime we get such rarities we take an even closer look than anyway on the fishes wether they really belong to the ordered species and if bycatches are among them. Apistogramma elizabethae can be told apart from other, similar species by an unique feature: alarmed fish loose […]

  • Apistogramma eunotus „Rio Tapiche“

    22. February 2017

    Apistogramma eunotus is among the species of Apistogramma with the deepest body of all. The species can be told apart from other, similar species, best by the large blueish spot on the opercle. We obtained recently very different specimens of A. eunotus from the Rio Tapiche in Peru. They differ in many respects from typical […]

  • Apistogramma bitaeniata Brazil

    20. February 2017

    Apistogramma bitaeniata is one of the most beautiful species of the genus. And it is known for a very long time in the hobby already. Elder hobbyists will know the species maybe under the name of A. kleei, other, well known synonymys are A. klausewitzi and A. sweglesi. The species has a very wide distribution […]

  • Apistogramma trifasciata „Rio San Martin“

    14. February 2017

    We received very nice German bred specimens of that dwarf cichlid. The specimens are descendants of the yellow-headed population that has been initially collected by the well known dwarf cichlid specialist and ichthyologist Dr. Wolfgang Steack in the Rio San Martin (Rio Guapore basin). He portrayed that population in detail in the DCG Sonderheft 2008 […]

  • Apistogramma personata Mitu

    10. February 2017

    The identity of this dwarf cichlid – it belongs to the absolute top-rarities – is under discussion. It is a fact hat it has been collected for the first time in 1995 by Uwe Werner and company near Mitu, Colombia. The city of Mitu is placed at the banks of the Rio Vaupes. Uwe was […]

  • Apistogramma borellii WILD

    22. July 2016

    We received beautiful, wild collected specimens of this dwarf cichlid from Paraguay. The species belongs to the members of the genus Apistogramma that are kept and bred in aquaria for decades already. The splendid males become almost double as large as the females. The peaceful and pretty species can be kept during the summer months […]

  • Apistogramma sp. Nanay

    18. July 2016

    When we unpacked these large, fully grown Apistigramma from Peru we thought initially: wow, that kind of Apistogramma was never here before! The species-specific features of the fish are: stripes on the underside of the belly, an orange colored spot on the basis of the pecoral fin, a more or less clearly recognizeable orange zone […]

  • A cryptic species of Dicrossus?

    19. April 2016

    Dicrossus filamentosus, the checkerboard cichlid, is a permanent guest in our fishhouse. The beautiful dwarf cichlids make gorgeous aquarium inhabitants. Last week we obtained a shipment of large specimens from Manaus, almost exclusively males. We decided to photograph them due to their brilliant coloration. During selecting the models for the photo aquarium two unusual facts […]

  • Apistogramma macmasteri Tame

    14. April 2016

    It was back in 1996 when Uwe Werner presented in the Aqualog South American Cichlids II a dwarf cichlid under this name. The city and municipality of Tame are located in Colombia in the Arauca Department at the Rio Arauca. Here the unusual Apistogramma macmasteri have been collected. Sadly it became soon after lost for […]

  • Teleocichla centrarchus

    17. February 2016

    Teleocichla centrachus from Rio Xingu probably is the most imported Teleocichla. In addition, it is the type species of this kind. As the males have a maximum length of approx. 10cm, you can certainly still call them dwarf cichlids. The females, being mostly only 8cm maximum, are a little smaller and rather soon show a […]