25e. Perchlike fishes (5): Remaining Cichlids from South and Central America (215)

  • Blue Angel Showsize

    7. August 2009

    In January 2009 we presented to you the new blue dwarf angel (http://www.aquarium-glaser.de/en/pterophyllum-scalare-blauer-zwerg–blue-dwarf_en_1071.html). In the meantime the breeders were pretty active and crossed the blue dwarfs onother strains of angels. So now we are able to supply also blue angels in showsize, which are almost as big as angels of other colour varieties. Text & […]

  • Geophagus cf. dicrozoster

    22. April 2009

    The beautiful eartheaters of the Geophagus-surinamensis relationship are among the most colorful cichlids, shining in all colours of the rainbow. There are numerous species and some of them even have colour varieties in different river systems. As these are currently not recognized by scientists, we help ourselves in adding the river´s name behind the scientific […]

  • Pterophyllum scalare Blue Dwarf

    23. January 2009

    In 1949 Werner Ladiges mentions a blue dwarf angel (Pterophyllum scalare) that appeared by chance (problably by mutation) in a large breeding stock before WW2. Beside its unique blue coloration a characteristicly feature of these fishes was their small adult size. They never grew bigger than 5 cm body height. Although this stock survived WW2 […]

  • Herichthys sp. BLUE-GALAXY

    6. August 2008

    (Aug.6th 2008) A brand new star is born: Herichthys sp. Blue-Galaxy. We are proud to be able to supply limited numbers of this this beautiful breeding form for the first time. They are pubescent in a size of 6-8cm, which they have successfully demonstrated in a tank in our office. Since they should not get […]

  • Uaru fernandezyepezi

    9. April 2008

    (9.April 2008)For the first time we can offer some offspring of Uaru fernandezyepezi. The home of this extremely rare cichlid is in the border area of Colombia and Venezuela, where they occur in the area of the Rio Atabapo. From there origin some challenging fishes such the Altum-Angels. Their requirements are similar, the water hardness […]

  • Crenicichla sp.ATABAPO FIRE Venezuela

    19. March 2008

    Last week we got a very small amount of one of the most beautiful pikecichlids: Crenicichla sp.ATABAPO FIRE Venezuela. Sorry for the bad picture, but it was taken directly in a tank in our facility, not in a photo-tank. But it shows how nice this fish is!

  • Rocio octofasciata „Blue Dempsey”

    12. December 2007

    (04.Mar.2007) In stock: “Blue Dempseys”. It is a beautiful blue variant of the usually dark colored Rocio octofasciata (fomerly: Cichlasoma or Nandopsis octofasciatum). As juveniles, they are brightly colored, the extremely intense blue staining developes only with increasing age. Presumably, the animals are offsprings of a mutant, stabilized by backcrossings. According to our breeders they […]

  • Crenicichla spec. ITAPEMIRIM

    Crenicichla spec. ITAPEMIRIM

    6. July 2007

    We received this extremely colorful species of Crenicichla from the southeastern part of Brazil. In adults the sexes can be distinguished quite easily. Females (see main photo) have an ocellus in the dorsal fin which is missing in males (see additional photo). Moreover, in males the deep red spots are scattered over the body, whereas […]

  • Pterophyllum altum

    6. July 2007

    The new season began, Pterophyllum altum (Orinoco) is available again. Deep Angels can reach 20cm length and up to 35cm in height. This has to be considered with the tank purchase, it should have a height of at least 70cm. A decoration with large bogwood, provides structure and retreat possibilities for them. Since they are […]