25f. Perchlike fishes (6): Gobies (53)

  • Papuligobius uniporus

    15. June 2016

    For the first time ever we were able to import this interesting freshwater-goby from Vietnam. The species and the genus have been described only in 2003. Papuligobius uniporus attains a maximum length of about 7.5 cm. There exists only one other species in the genus, namely P. ocellatus, which has been described already in 1937, […]

  • Oxyeleotris marmorata

    26. January 2016

    Most gobies live in the sea. And most gobies stay small, usually less than 10 cm. So Oxyeleotris marmorata, the Marbled Sleepergoby, is an exception in more than only one respect. The species is a giant among the gobies and becomes more than 50 cm long. And usually it lives in pure freshwater; only occasionally […]

  • Rhinogobius maculafasciatus

    3. November 2015

    Once more we are able to offer a species of freshwater goby that was not imported so far to Europe: Rhinogobius maculafasciatus. The species has been described scientifically only in 1996 from Taiwan; our specimens originate from Taiwan. So we are comparatively sure that the determination is correct. Determination of a Rhinogobius is not that […]

  • Butis koilomatodon

    26. June 2015

    We received this sleeper goby for the first time. The animals originate from Thailand. Some author place this species also in the genus Prionobutis. It attains a maximum length of about 8 cm and is one of the smaller sleepers. Like all Butis species B. koilomatodon is able to swim and hunt in every thinkable […]

  • Rhinogobius duospilus (= R. wui)

    10. April 2015

    Gobies become more and more popular in the hobby. A real classic is R. duospilus, which was known under the name of R. wui for a long time. Nowadays R. wui is considered to be a synonym of R. duospilus. This small goby becomes only 4 cm long. In the wild it lives in brooks. […]

  • Stiphodon atropurpureus

    23. March 2015

    The neon gobies of the genus Stiphodon are all very beautiful fishes. None of the currently known 33 species becomes larger than 5-7 cm, most of them stay much smaller. Despite the fact that adult Stiphodon live exclusively in pure freshwater the larvae can develop only in marine waters. This is the reason why species […]

  • Schismatogobius roxasi

    17. March 2015

    The genus Schismatogobius contents currently 10 described species. All are small, only 3-5 cm long pure freshwater inhabitants. As no species is of commercial value and the tiny fish burry themselves extremely fast in the sand when disturbed the whole genus is only very unsatisfyingly researched so far. Two species have been reported fromTaiwan: Schismatogobius […]

  • Tateurndina ocellicauda

    10. December 2014

    This wonderful goby originates from Papua-Newguinea, but in the trade almost exclusively bred specimens are available. The fish belongs to the so-called sleeper-gobies. These fish have been named after a reflecting layer over their eyes. This looked for the first observers as if the fish would have closed its eyes for sleep. T. ocellicauda becomes […]

  • Tateurndina ocellicauda

    10. December 2014

    We received wonderful, fully grown bred specimens of this beautiful, small freshwater goby. Dominant old males develop a mighty humphead, females a round belly swollen from eggs. For more information, please see http://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/fish-archive/miscellaneous-en/Tateurndina_ocellicauda_en/ For our customers: the fish have code 461004 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Text & […]

  • Rhinogobius formosanus

    1. November 2014

    We received again this pretty freshwater goby from Taiwan. The determination of the numerous species of Rhinogobius is often very difficult (see also http://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/rhinogobius-rubromaculatus_en_1637.html). R. formosanus is a pleasant exception of that rule, for it differs from all species of Rhinogiobius from Taiwan by the unique red coloration of the face. Taiwan was formerly known […]