25f. Perchlike fishes (6): Gobies (52)

  • Odontamblyopus rubicundus

    5. May 2014

    This goby from the lower reaches of the river Ganges belongs clearly to the category “faces that can be loved only by a mother”. Despite the look the fish that can reach up to 25 cm in length are very interesting. One should be careful with possible tankmates. Any fish that fits the mouth will […]

  • Boleophthalmus boddarti

    10. March 2014

    The mudskippers (Oxudercinae) represent a subfamily on their own within the goby family (Gobiidae). One can observe all steps from “normal”, aquatic species (for example in the genus Apocryptes) to partially land-dwelling, amphibic species (Periophthalmus) within the Oxudercinae. Members of the genus Boleophthalmus don´t leave the water completely, but can be found in zones of […]

  • Wonderful Neon gobies arrived

    7. March 2014

    The Neon gobies of the genus Stiphodon are very difficult to determine, for the larvae develop in marine environment; so the species have a very wide distribution. The adult fish, however, live exclusively in freshwater. The males can change their coloration in a glimpse; the mating coloration is species-specific. Different species look extremely similar in […]

  • Pseudapocryptes elongatus

    20. January 2014

    We could import this charming goby once more from India. It is a kind of mudskipper, but does never leave the water completely. It only swims in very shallow water. Against each other these mudskippers are absolutely peaceful. They feed readily on any type of usual fishfood. The maximum length is around 20 cm, but […]

  • Rhinogobius formosanus

    1. October 2013

    We could import this pretty brook-goby from Taiwan. The specific name of the fish refers to the old name of the island – Taiwan was formerly known as Formosa. The fish can attain a maximum length of about 8 cm. One should not keep them along with too small other fish, for the gobies may […]

  • Brachygobius doriae

    5. June 2013

    This is by far the most beautiful species of the bumblebee gobies. The males develop a splendid orange-red in the vertical bands of the body and tail. Females most often have yellow bands, but despite the colours they can be easily recognized by the comparably smaller head. The species has been confused with B. xanthozonus […]

  • Rhinogobius zhoui, flame goby

    24. May 2013

    This freshwater goby, which attains a maximum length of 4-5 cm, is one of the most attractive discoveries of ornamental fish of the last years. However, in the beginning the fish were extremely expensive. Currently we can offer them for the first time for a comparably moderate price. Rhinogobius zhoui originates from China. In the […]

  • Mogurnda adspersa

    2. April 2013

    We obtained wonderful, 6-8 cm long German bred specimens of this Australian sleeper goby. For our customers: the animals have code 436353 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

  • Acentrogobius globiceps

    27. September 2012

    We were able to import once more this nice, only very occasionally available goby from India. The species becomes only 5-7 cm long. A slight addition of seasalt (one spoonful per 10 litres of water)  is quite beneficial for the fish. The determination is only preliminary due to the complicated situation in gobies; the fish […]

  • Brachygobius aggregatus – one of the smallest fishes of the World

    6. June 2011

    All species of bumblebee gobies (Brachygobius) are small or very small fishes. The debate which is the smallest fish of the world (and coincidently the smallest vertebrate of the world) is still going on; however, it is quite difficult to decide, whether it makes sense to debate about differences of tenth of millimeters in live […]