25g. Perchlike fishes (7): Remaining groups (41)

  • Scatophagus tetracanthus

    13. September 2017

    We received this top rarity from the Pacific coast of Eastern Africa. For the first time ever we can offer 27 specimens. Like all scats this species is completely euryhalin, this means it can change freely between the sea and freshwater; this is their typical behaviour in the wild. Much more important than the salt […]

  • Parambassis lala

    15. August 2017

    The Indian Glass Perch is an old aquarium fish, the first importation was as early as 1905. Nevertheless there are still totally wrong rumours on it. So it is often said that P. lala would prefer brackish water. But this is nonsense the fish occurs exclusively in pure freshwater where it lives in schools. Due […]

  • Elassoma zonatum

    22. February 2017

    Even our grandfathers will remember the dwarf sunfishes. The tiny, hardly 3 cm long fish are ideal inhabitants for small tanks that are not heated. Elassoma originate from the USA. Formerly only one species of the genus was represented in the hobby, namely Elassoma evergladei. But in the meantime additional species became avialable. Among them […]

  • Only in the transit…

    14. February 2017

    There are not many species of fish in which the demand is greater than the number of offered animals. The Rainbow Darter (Etheostoma caeruleum) from North America belongs to these exceptional species. The pretty, small species – it attains a maximum length of 7-8 cm –  has been imported as early as 1899, but it […]

  • Coreoperca cf. liui

    26. April 2016

    For the first time ever we obtained this interesting freshwater perch from southern China. The genera Coreoperca and Siniperca contain altogether 14 species. They are thought to be close relatives of the groupers (Serranidae), but are placed in a family on their own, the Sinipercidae. The fish were shipped under the name of Coreoperca kawamebari; […]

  • Parambassis siamensis

    21. March 2016

    Formerly this species of glass perch was the most common found in the trade. It has a very wide distribution through Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. However, Parambassis siamensis was most often mis-identified and traded under the name “Chanda wolfi”. P. siamensis is very similar to the Indian species P. ranga. Both are distinguished by […]

  • Elassoma evergladei

    18. January 2016

    The pygmy sunfish, Elassoma evergladei, is a real classic among the dwarfs. Many generations of hobbyists already enjoyed keeping and breeding the tiny species. It is best kept in a small single species tank that should not be heated. For our customers: the fish have code 404603 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively […]

  • Scatophagus

    29. September 2015

    Tiny scats Scats (Scatophagus) spawn in the sea. The juveniles enter brackish water zones after their development in the plankton. From the mouths of the rivers they migrate often far inland. In India currently this migration starts and we received from there charming scat babies of 1-1.5 cm length. Juvenile scats show their realtionship: the […]

  • Maccullochella peelii

    21. September 2015

    Who ever looked for a really extraordinary fish as a pet will find it in this species. M. peelii is the largest freshwater fish of Australia. The popular name of Maccullochella peelii is “Murray Cod”, after the Murray River. The average length of adults is about 60 cm and 2-3 kg weight; but the largest […]

  • Toxotes blythii

    31. July 2014

    This archer fish that lives exclusively in freshwater originates from Burma. It has been discovered as early as 1860 and received its correct scientific name in 1892. Since then it has not been found anymore. Only in 2004 the first specimens appeared in the international trade and were celebrated as a sensation. These first specimens […]