30. Amphibians and Reptiles (15)

  • Tylototriton shanjing

    13. December 2007

    (13.Dec.2007) One of the most beautiful representative of the genus Tylototriton is available: T.shanjing. These beauties comes not on a regular base. Their habitat is the middle and western part of the chinese province Yunnan, Laos & Myanmar. They live in subtropical forests in an altitude of around 2000meters. The females lay up to 300 eggs […]

  • Occidozyga lima

    30. November 2007

    (30.Nov.2007) From now available on a regular base : Occidozyga lima, the floating frog. These funny guys come from Indonesia. They are easy to keep and should be kept in small groups of at least 10 pieces. They only grow up to 3-4cm and show no sexual dimorphism. They eat all kind of small flies like Drosophila, but […]

  • Just arrived: Pachytriton cf. labiatum

    13. September 2007

    Just yesterday we recieved a very small number of Pachytriton cf. labiatum! This species is only a short time each year available. The common name is “Giant Rock Salamander” and they are available in the size of about 12cm. This item lives mainly under water. Their habitat are mountian streams with a temperature of about 17-18°C. About […]

  • Chelus fimbriatus

    6. July 2007

    June 2006: Freshly arrived and very beautiful. From South America reached us few Mata matas. Their in jungle waters protruding camouflage lets it appear remarkable and bizarr in the aquarium.(Photo F. Schäfer, Text K. Diehl)

  • Cynops orientalis

    6. July 2007

    In its eastern chinese habitat the Chinese Fire Belly Newt Cynops orientalis inhabits small standing to slowly flowing overgrown waters. Females can get up to 10 cm long, the males remains with approximately 8 cm somewhat smaller. They can be kept predominantly aquatic, but a small land part with hiding places and climbing possibilities is […]