31. Crayfishes, Shrimps, Crabs, Snails, Mussels (119)

  • Coenobita brevimanus

    6. July 2007

    The hermit crab C. brevimanus origins from coasts of the Indopacific, where it is found from the east coast of Africa to Tahiti. Coenobita brevimanus is the most terrestrial of all land hermit crabs. For the maintenance one needs a terrarium with only shallow water, because they do not like to get wet. Since they […]

  • Goniopsis pelii

    Goniopsis pelii

    6. July 2007

    June 2006: The mangrove crab Goniopsis pelii reached us from the Atlantic coast of Africa. Their orange and blue coloured claws are very remarkable. They owe their name to the mangrove woods where they naturally occur. This by water and land affected biotope has to be reproduced in the terrarium, since they need both habitats […]

  • Aegla platensis

    6. July 2007

    There are more than 60 species, all of them exclusively inhabitants of freshwater, in the genus Aegla, which belongs to the family Aeglidae. All Aegla species are inhabitants of southern South America. To date they have hardly ever been seen in the aquarium hobby. The specimens recently imported by Aquarium Glaser demonstrate, however, that Aegla […]

  • Uca annulipes

    Uca annulipes

    6. July 2007

    May 2005: One of the most beautiful fiddler crab, Uca annulipes has been available now. Fiddler crabs, a family of 65 species, live worldwide in tropical and subtropical areas where they inhabit beaches and swamps. They reach a length of no more then 2.5 to 3 cm. The male animals have one large and often […]

  • Procambaris sp. marmor-blau

    Procambaris sp. marbled blue

    6. July 2007

    March 2002: This nice blue colour variant of the Marmorkrebs (the initially German name is now in international use and means „marbled crayfish“) is actually available. The Marmorkrebs is a remarkable species, because until now only females are known. The species breeds parthenogentically, eg females lay unfertilized eggs and produce only females again. As the […]

  • Macrobrachium brasiliensis

    6. July 2007

    July 2006: From the Amazon area we could import an rarely imported Macrobrachium species. Macrobrachium brasiliensis has a large area of origin from French Guyana to Peru in the basins of the Amazon and Orinoco. There they inhabit predominantly small creeks full of leaf litter. They feed mainly on detritus and are an important member […]

  • Uca ornata

    6. July 2007

    January 2006: For the first time in Germany: The fiddler crab Uca ornata. We are proud to introduce this new species to the pet market. We got only few animals from Ecuador, hope however for further imports of this species. Further information for the maintenance of this at the Pacific coast from Ecuador to Nicaragua […]

  • Ceylonthelphusa kandanbyi

    6. July 2007

    The leopard crab Ceylonthelphusa kandanbyi represents an attractive addition to the offered crustaceans. This 1999 scientifically described species originates from Sri Lanka where it is found in the Bentota river system. According to statement of our supplier the animals were caught in the proximity of Mathugama city a town in the western part of Sri […]

  • Procambarus clarkii „Orange”

    Procambarus clarkii „Orange”

    6. July 2007

    Procambarus clarkii „Orange” is a very attractive breeding form of the well-known “ Louisiana-swamp lobster”. For a long time lobsters of the genus Procambarus where not the favourites of aquarists. However in recent years more and more aquarium hobbyists are getting interested in these harnessed creatures. Concerning their interesting behaviour, their growth rates and their […]