31. Crayfishes, Shrimps, Crabs, Snails, Mussels (125)

  • Laevimon kottelati

    22. March 2017

    We were able to import some specimens of the freshwater crab Laevimon kottelati. This interesting an beautiful crab attains a size of about 4.5 cm Carapax-width aund existis endemicly in Vietnam. Here it has been discovered in 1998 and decribed scientifically in 2005 as a new species in a new genus. It lives amphibic in […]

  • Caridina logemanni Crystal Super Red Cologne Strain

    15. February 2017

    Since the very first start of breeding sports in ornamental fish some strains were named after the tow they appeared first. Examples are the „Vienna Emerald Guppy“, the „Hamburg Swordtail“, or the „Bristol Shubunkin“. This tradition also took place in dwarf shrimps and so a „cologne strain“ of Caridina logemanni exists. We now obtained a […]

  • Filopaludina (Siamopaludina) martensi cambodjensis

    19. April 2016

    For the first time ever we were able to import this pretty snail from Thailand. It is a typical viviparid snail that shares all the characters of the family: these animal breath via gills, not via lungs, and thus use the dissolved oxygen in the water for breathing, like fish do; there are males and […]

  • Paludomus loricatus

    20. January 2016

    Among the most unusual species of freshwater snail is the Red Spotted Bella Snail, Paludomus loricatus, from Sri Lanka. The eyes of this snail are very attractive coloured, brightly red-orange. Around the mantle are numerous folds of the same colour. We are informed on the biology of P. loricatus by Starmühlner (Starmühlner, F. (1974): The […]

  • Neocaridina sp. Golden Tiger

    19. January 2016

    This is the latest star in our stocklist: are real pretty little creature! The animals are German bred ones, available in very limited numbers only! For our customers: the shrimps have code 485472 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

  • Neritina violacea, Red Lip Snail – new in stock

    18. November 2015

    The snails of the genus Neritina have become very popular among aquarists. These snails are excellent algae eaters. They feed most algae from the glasses of the tank, because they prefer hard surfaces to live on. Another advantage of these snails is that they cannot breed under aquarium conditions, because the larvae develop in marine […]

  • Procambarus clarkii White

    29. September 2015

    The Louisiana crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) has become a real domesticated pet. Quite a lot of colour sports have been developed by breeders. These sports do not exist in the wild. One of these sports is plain white. In case the female bears eggs it looks like Snow White playing with snowballs… Sadly the species P. […]

  • Gorgeous Crystal Red shrimps arrived!

    26. June 2015

    We received really beautiful, very large Crystal Reds from Indonesia. It is not so long ago that these animals very extremely expensive. But luckily nowadays every enthusiast is able to afford some specimens if he´s interested in doing so. We have produced also a little film on these Crystal Reds which can be watched on […]

  • Brotia herculea

    26. June 2015

    Whoever is on search for a large and easy-to-keep freshwater snail should try the up to 10 cm long Brotia herculea. We recently received this species from Thailand. The animals are relatives to the famed red-rimmed melania (Melanoides tuberculata). But Brotia herculea hardly ever burrows itself in the soil. In Brotia males and females exist. […]

  • Uca vocans

    17. April 2015

    Fiddler crabs are always something very special. They live along the border of water and land. During the tide they hide in wholes in the sand. At low water the come out of their hiding places and search for food that the water left behind. The males display their mighty claw to impress the females, […]