31. Crayfishes, Shrimps, Crabs, Snails, Mussels (120)

  • Procambarus clarkii White

    29. September 2015

    The Louisiana crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) has become a real domesticated pet. Quite a lot of colour sports have been developed by breeders. These sports do not exist in the wild. One of these sports is plain white. In case the female bears eggs it looks like Snow White playing with snowballs… Sadly the species P. […]

  • Gorgeous Crystal Red shrimps arrived!

    26. June 2015

    We received really beautiful, very large Crystal Reds from Indonesia. It is not so long ago that these animals very extremely expensive. But luckily nowadays every enthusiast is able to afford some specimens if he´s interested in doing so. We have produced also a little film on these Crystal Reds which can be watched on […]

  • Brotia herculea

    26. June 2015

    Whoever is on search for a large and easy-to-keep freshwater snail should try the up to 10 cm long Brotia herculea. We recently received this species from Thailand. The animals are relatives to the famed red-rimmed melania (Melanoides tuberculata). But Brotia herculea hardly ever burrows itself in the soil. In Brotia males and females exist. […]

  • Uca vocans

    17. April 2015

    Fiddler crabs are always something very special. They live along the border of water and land. During the tide they hide in wholes in the sand. At low water the come out of their hiding places and search for food that the water left behind. The males display their mighty claw to impress the females, […]

  • Faunus ater CAPUCCINO

    7. April 2015

    This attractive, about 6 cm long snail currently reached us from Indonesia. It is a relative of the well known Malayian trumpet snail. In the wild this animal occurs in the lowest reaches of rivers on muddy bottoms and is thus very tolerant against salt. So it is possible to keep it in freshwater tanks […]

  • Neocaridina davidi Black Choco Shrimp

    Neocaridina davidi Black Choco Shrimp

    17. March 2015

    The most popular and easy to keep dwarf shrimp for the freshwater aquarium, Neocaridina davidi, has another new dress: pitchblack! Of course there do exist already black sports of other species of dwarf shrimp, but N. davidi has against other species the big advantage that N. davidi is extremely tolerant against different temperatures. Other species […]

  • Coenobita rugosus

    11. March 2015

    From Taiwan we were able to import beautiful land hermits. They belong to the species Coenobita rugosus, which can be recognized by the ridge-like swellings on the upper edges of the claws. The colour is very variable and can be grey, brown or reddish. Like all Coenobita species the animal likes to live in groups. […]

  • For the first time: freshwater crabs from Paraguay

    3. March 2015

    Crabs are very entertaining animals in the aquarium. They seem to be quite intelligent and display a great number of interesting behaviour. However, one must keep in mind that crabs are also great destructors. They use to try any inhabitant of their tank – plants as well as animals – if they are edible. And […]

  • Cambarellus diminutus

    25. February 2015

    We received nice bred specimens of this tiny species from Indonesia. Initially Cambarellus diminutus originates from North America, where it occurs along the Gulf of Mexico. In contrast to the larger species of crayfish, the species belonging to the genus Cambarellus fit perfectly for community tanks. C. diminutus is the smallest species of all and […]

  • Mustang shrimps arrived!

    26. January 2015

    For the first time we can offer the very pretty, black-and-white “Mustang Shrimp”. The dwarf shrimps belong – according to the “godfather of dwarf shrimps”, Werner Klotz – to the species Paracaridina zijinica. Regarding keeping and breeding they do not differ from the well known dwarf shrimp “Crystal Red”. By the way: this species of […]