31. Crayfishes, Shrimps, Crabs, Snails, Mussels (120)

  • Atyoida pilipes

    25. November 2014

    Dwarf shrimps are charming and completely harmless, but also very small. So keepers of somewhat larger fish often search for a species of shrimp which is absolutely harmless and day active, but also a bit larger – too large to be eaten as an intermediate snack between dinner and supper. For these cases mother nature […]

  • Cherax sp. Blue Moon

    25. November 2014

    We obtain a number of very beautiful species of the genus Cherax from New-Guinea. One of them is the “Blue Moon”, which is not yet determined on a scientific basis. The legs are bright blue and the carapax is of a deep midnight blue. The outer ridge of the claw is bright yellow-orange – this […]

  • Neocaridina davidi Fantasy Jelly

    29. October 2014

    The development of new colour sports in dwarf shrimps still goes on and on. The latest brandnew sport reached us now from Taiwan under the name of Fantasy Jelly. This pretty animal is of a deep, intense royal blue; the colour is so intensive that the shrimps sometimes even look black. Possibly this new sport […]

  • Dwarf Shrimp Red Tiger

    18. August 2014

    The Tiger Dwarf Shrimp belongs to the species that is known already for quite a long time in the hobby. However, there is still a Babylonian mess regarding the correct scientific name of the animals. But most authors currently think that the species Caridina cantonensis is at least the closest described relative of the Tiger […]

  • Panther crabs from Sulawesi

    7. March 2014

    The Panther crabs (Parathelphusa pantherina) are for sure the most attractive of all freshwater crabs. They originate from Matano lake in Sulawesi, where they can be also found under roots etc. on the shore. The animals are, like almost all crabs, omnivorous. However, most food items taken are from animal origin. The maximum width of […]

  • Pseudosesarma moeshi

    Pseudosesarma moeshi

    18. February 2014

    The Red Mangrove Crab or Red Thai Crab is by far the most popular crab for aqua-terraria. They should be kept always in groups, for these crabs are social animals. A slight addition of salt (5-10 g/l) is very beneficial for the crabs, so the tank should be filled from start up with such a […]

  • Trichodactylus sp. Paraguay

    20. January 2014

    Crabs are the personalities among the crustaceans. The crabs of the genus Trichodactylus are exclusive freshwater crabs. These crabs are like most other crabs omnivorous and don´t stop for plants or tankmates. The crabs are not mean, they simply try everything wether it tastes or not. So one should keep the funny guys best in […]

  • Neritina pulligera

    Neritina pulligera

    26. November 2013

    We received a nice shipment of the Pitchblack racing snail Neritina pulligera. Like its close relative, the Zebra snail Neritina turrita, this snail is a excellent algae eater. The species does not breed in the aquarium. Our experience with that snail is that they don´t leave the water, in contrast to other species of the […]