31. Crayfishes, Shrimps, Crabs, Snails, Mussels (120)

  • Perisesarma huzardi

    16. May 2013

    This crab is something like the big sister of the “classical” Red Mangrove Crab, Pseudosesarma moeschi. Regarding keeping that crab no major differences exist to that of the smaller relative with the exception that P. huzardi becomes as twice as large – about 8 cm carapax width. So the species needs bigger and more spacious […]

  • Cardisoma armatum

    16. May 2013

    From the coasts of West and Central Africa originates Cardisoma armatum. The bright orange colored legs form a strong contrast to the blue body and let this crab become an attractive ornament. With a carapax diameter of approximately 10 cm it does not belong to the smallest crabs, therefore a spacy tank has to be […]

  • Macrobrachium sp. Red Spot

    2. April 2013

    We received from India (West Bengal) this attractive species of Macrobrachium, which we could not apply to any described species so far. For our customers: the animals have code 484733 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

  • Cherax sp. Papua

    30. January 2013

    This Cherax represents in all probability a still undescribed species. We received a small number of the attractive animal from Papua New Guinea. The crayfish are very pretty due to the rusty red spots on the back. The animal can be kept along with fish, but feeds often on plants. For our customers: the crayfish […]

  • Caridina sp. Mosura Shrimp

    19. November 2012

    We received a shipment of this extremely charming sport of the Crystal Red or Red Bee Shrimp from Indonesia. For our customers: the animals have code 485358 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

  • Apple Snails in many colours

    20. April 2012

    Currently we can offer Apple Snails in many interesting colours. These beautiful snails are easy to keep and can get a size of about 5 cm in diameter. In the aquarium, they should be fed regularly like fish, for Apple Snails are heavy feeders and cannot survive with the remains of the fish only. There […]

  • For the first time ever: German bred fiddler crabs in stock!

    21. February 2012

    We received a limited number of German bred specimens of the fiddler crab Uca rapax. Our breeder keeps and breeds this species for more than 12 generations now! The animals are very stable and both sexes are extant. For our customers: the animals have code 489552 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply […]

  • Caridina “Black Tiger Yellow Eyes”

    27. September 2011

    The black tiger shrimp is a cultivated variety of the tiger shrimp that originates from southern China. The tiger shrimp itself is a very variable species and possibly belongs to the species described as Caridina cantonensis. The bright shining eyes and the fantail in the same colour are very characteristic for the animal. We have […]

  • Neocaridina heteropoda RILI

    27. September 2011

    The Cherry red shrimp belongs to the most popular dwarf shrimps in the hobby. Keeping and breeding is very easy and can be done even by beginners. The tiny animals produce such a lot of offspring that the species is sometimes even used as a feeder animal. Neocaridina heteropoda originates from East Asia (China, Japan, […]

  • Coenobita cavipes

    10. January 2011

    For the first time we can offer this interesting species of terrestrial hermit crab in a xxl- format! Besides this the animals also bear extremely beautiful shells of marine snails. Keeping these terrestrial hermit crabs does not differ from other species. This means one has to keep them in groups; the terrarium has to contain […]