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  • Phenacogrammus cf. ansorgei

    12. October 2007

    (12.Oct.2007) Last week we received a real beauty from Zaire: Phenacogrammus cf. ansorgei. This species grows up to 8cm and was caught in the Lac Mai Ndombe. In the past this lake was called Lac Leopold II. This is a “blackwater” lake, this means all fish from there should be kept in a pH of […]

  • Sicyopus zosterophorum

    5. October 2007

    Actually in small numbers available: Sicyopus zosterophorum. This loach is coming from the Pinang river in the western part of Sumatra. Until now they were not imported in big numbers, so we do not know much about keeping them. But an experienced hobbyist should not be faced with big problems with keeoping this item.

  • Anentome helena

    20. September 2007

    mg class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-147928″ src=”http://www.aquariumglaser.de/wp-content/uploads/Anentome-helena.jpg” alt=”” width=”591″ height=”394″ /> From now available: the snail-eating snail ANENTOME HELENA. This item coming from asia, is perfect cleaning your tank from snails. The snail is finding her victims with her trunk. With a total length of about 1,5cm is this item also suitable for very small tanks, in […]

  • Demanietta sirikit

    10. September 2007

    Just last week we got a few pieces of the beautiful thai crab Demanietta sirikit! This crab lives in 50-100cm long tunnels near by the riverside. They are building their homes so deep until they reach the level of the groundwater. In the mating season they look for a partner. This happens during the rainy […]

  • Kein Bild

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    31. August 2007

    As one of the main innovations you can subscribe to our newsletter from now on! No matter if you are our customer or “just” an ornamental fish hobbyist, who is interested in news around his hobby. Simply subscribe to our newsletter and you will be getting informed regularly (until revoked) with news and interesting facts. […]

  • Finally we are done!

    31. August 2007

    We made it: Our new homepage is ready! Herewith we would like to warmly welcome ALL hobbyists dedicated to ornamental fish on our newly designed website! After weeks of thinking, many different possibilities and changes – optically and in content – we did it: Our new homepage is ready…with many news and improvements. We especially thank […]

  • Gercarcinus ruricola

    Gercarcinus ruricola

    6. July 2007

    This splendid land crab (Halloween-Crab, Gercarcinus ruricola) occurs in two colour variants, specifically with red or white base coloration. The colour variation involves both sexes. A mixed pair lived together in harmony for several weeks in my terrarium. These creatures are essentially vegetarian, but will occasionally take frozen foods intended for aquarium fishes, eg bloodworm. […]