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  • Ctenochromis polli

    6. July 2007

    Ctenochromis polli occurring in the Congo River belongs to the rather rarely kept cichlids. Despite their body length of maximally 11cm they should not be kept in too small aquariums (100cm). The males are quite aggressive and pursue the females and suppressed males. They need sufficient hiding places, therefore the interior arrangement of the aquarium […]

  • Pterophyllum altum deutsche Nachzucht

    Pterophyllum altum german bred

    6. July 2007

    November 2003: Lately we received German bred Pterophllyum altum. It is worth mentioning that this was a natural brood, eg both parent took care for eggs and the young. Even spawning of the Altum Angel is a remarkeble event. This species tends to get panic attacks when the fish is fully grown. Thus they tend […]

  • Neocaridina sp FIRE/CHERRY

    Neocaridina sp FIRE/CHERRY

    6. July 2007

    July 2004: Yesterday we got a limited number of this beautiful shrimp, which belongs to the family of Neocaridina. This type was imported one year ago, but also only in small numbers. They do not demand special water parameters and can be easily fed with common fish food. They can be kept in community tanks, […]

  • Barbus hulstaerti

    6. July 2007

    August 2006: Last night we received a small jewel from the Congo basin. For the first time a somewhat larger number, of the more than 30 years for the hobby lost Butterfly Barb Barbus hulstaerti could be imported. The lively fish, reaches 4cm in length and fascinates by its wonderful colors. In their area of […]

  • Pseudohemiodon thorectes

    Pseudohemiodon thorectes

    6. July 2007

    This catfish coming from Bolivia, belongs to the smallest of his relatives, measuring 13 cm maximum. It is mostly getting imported by travelling aquarium hobbyists. Regarding the water condition this kind is rather adaptable, as guide values of up to 400 µS/cm and a pH-value of 7.6 were measured. Approx. 25°C are quite enough for […]

  • Biotoecus sp. „Tapajos – New“

    Biotoecus sp. „Tapajos – New“

    6. July 2007

    For quite a while Aquarium Glaser imports this dwarfcichlid regularly from Rio Tapajos in Brasil. This Cichlids, which only get approx. 4-5cm can be kept in pairs in smaller aquariums from 50 ltr and up already. If the aquarium is bigger, a larger group can be brought in, but in doing so a slightly surplus […]

  • Baryancistrus demantoides L 200 High Fin

    6. July 2007

    From Colombia we could import expressed beautiful L 200 High Fin. Now we have very attractive partially completely yellow colored specimen of the species Baryancistrus demantoides in stock. They will get only about 15 cm long and remain thereby substantially smaller than the also with the number L the 200 labeled Hemiancistrus subviridis. Compared with […]

  • Cirrhinus molitorella

    6. July 2007

    If you are interested in a larger growing fish, the mud carp Cirrhinus molitorella originating from Southeast Asia, could be the right thing for you. In the list of fishing world records it is quoted with a length by 1 m and applies in Thailand under the name Pa Keng as a strong fighter at […]

  • Chitala ornata, Clown Featherback

    6. July 2007

    The Clown Featherback is well known to the hobby and has been imported as early as 1934 from South-East Asia. They are nocturnal fish and when they get older they become solitary. The fish tank should be decorated with dense patches of plants on the sides and back but should be kept with enough swimming […]

  • Lamprologus callipterus ALBINO

    Lamprologus callipterus ALBINO

    6. July 2007

    August 2004: Now available: Lamprologus callipterus ALBINO. After several years, one of our breeder was successful in breeding this species. We have this fish for the first time in stock. You will find here more details soon.(Photo F. Schäfer, Text K. Diehl)