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  • Microphis brachyurus

    24. July 2020

    The short-tailed freshwater pipefish (Microphis brachyurus) has been described from Indonesia. For a long time it was believed to be a species with a worldwide distribution, which differed only slightly at the subspecies level in the various distribution areas. And so M. lineatus (code 430104 on our stocklist) and M. aculeatus (code 149104) were considered […]

  • Jordanella floridae

    24. July 2020

    This killifish from North America is one of the evergreens in the aquarium hobby and has delighted many generations of aquarists. Unfortunately it has become quiet around this attractive animal in the last years. But now beautiful and stable American Flag fish are available again from Southeast Asian breeders.  Jordanella floridae grows 4-6 cm long […]

  • Serrasalmus immaculatus

    22. July 2020

    In great parts of South America there are large (up to 50 cm) piranhas, which usually become black when they are old. Another common feature of these piranhas is a red iris. It is currently common practice to refer to all these animals as Serrasalmus rhombeus because they are indistinguishable as adult fish. However, young […]

  • Ancistrus claro

    20. July 2020

    One of the smallest Ancistrus species is Ancistrus claro, which was known as LDA 8 before its scientific description. The catfish originates from clear water streams with a strong current in the upper part of the Rio Paraguay-ParanĂ¡ river basin and becomes at most 6-8 cm long. The sexes are not quite as easy to […]

  • Pseudomugil gertrudae Aru II xl

    17. July 2020

    The cute blue-eyes of the species Pseudomugil gertrudae are actually always in our stock. We usually get them as bred ones from Indonesia. Originally they are found in northern Australia and southern Papua New Guinea. At the moment we have fully grown, about 4 cm long animals in stock, which we received from a European […]

  • Sewellia “breviventralis”

    17. July 2020

    From Vietnam we have once again been able to import beautiful hillstream loaches of the genus Sewellia under the name Sewellia breviventralis. The species S. breviventralis exists and it is anatomically very similar to the imported animals, but there are differences in colouring compared to the live imported animals, whose exact origin is unknown, but […]

  • Neocaridina davidi Jade Green

    15. July 2020

    The “universal dwarf shrimp for all occasions” also comes in green: Neocaridina davidi Jade Green. Indeed, some of the animals shine quite unbelievably, the comparison with Jade is in this case no flowery exaggeration. In terms of care and breeding, the dwarf shrimps are no different from their different-coloured conspecifics. For our customers: the animals […]

  • Phenacogrammus interruptus

    13. July 2020

    The Congo Tetra, Phenacogrammus interruptus, sometimes also called the Blue Congo Tetra, is the only one of the approximately 350 tetra species in Africa that is always available in pet shops. This is of course due to its beautiful colouring, which shimmers differently on the flanks depending on the incidence of light, the reddish-brown back, […]

  • Synodontis nigriventris

    10. July 2020

    The most popular squeaker catfish (Synodontis) by far is the upside-down catfish (Synodontis nigriventris) from the Congo. It is not the only species of the genus that often (by no means always) swims on its back, but it remains small (under 10 cm) by squeaker catfish standards and is one of the most peaceful representatives […]

  • Pseudohemiodon laticeps

    10. July 2020

    Pseudohemiodon laticeps from Paraguay belongs to the longest known mouth-breeding Whiptail Catfish in the hobby, even if this large (up to 35 cm) species with its species-specific broad, triangular head was confused for a long time with the very similar, narrow-headed species P. platycephalus from Brazil. Mostly one sees both species in a fawn-brown colouring […]