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  • Serrasalmus humeralis

    2. November 2020

    The identification of many Piranha species is difficult. One of the earliest described piranha species and therefore with many taxonomic problems is Serrasalmus humeralis. Valenciennes was the first descriptor in 1850, but there is no question that he had received the type specimen, for which he states “Amazon” as the type locality, from Castelnau. In […]

  • Trichogaster leerii WILD – Borneo

    30. October 2020

    The pearl gourami (Trichogaster leerii, Trichopodus leerii) is one of the most popular aquarium fishes at all. It is probably not exaggerated if one assumes millions of individuals in aquariums all over the world. All these fish are bred ones. It is only little known that the pearl gourami belongs to the endangered species as […]

  • Pseudotropheus sp. “Acei” White Tail Ngara

    30. October 2020

    Where does a species start, where does the location variant end? This question is really difficult to answer for some groups of fish, e.g. killies and cichlids from Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika. In the case of Pseudotropheus sp. “Acei” from Lake Malawi, the species is not described scientifically. Mostly the light blue, yellow-fin “Acei” […]

  • Thalassophryne amazonica

    28. October 2020

    The toadfishes a very odd creatures. A total of about 73 species exists which are placed in around 22 genera and three subfamilies. One of these subfamilies – the Thalassophryninae – is also known as the “venomous toadfishes”. Thalassophryne amazonica, one of the very few freshwater species of the family, is placed in that subfamily. […]

  • Pyrrhulina brevis

    26. October 2020

    The characins of the genus Pyrrhulina can be better compared to cichlids than to other characins in terms of their behavior. The males occupy small territories in the breeding season, color themselves splendidly and defend the spawn energetically until the young hatch. The generic name Pyrrhulina means “small bullfinch” because the males of many species […]

  • Corydoras burgessi

    23. October 2020

    Now the season for the very beautiful and much beloved orange blotch corys has started. There does exist a good number of different species and varieties, all have in common a brightly shining spot on the neck. Depending on light this glows from yellow to almosr red. This glowing spot helps the fish in the […]

  • Mylossoma aureum

    23. October 2020

    The magnificent pacus of the genus Mylossoma that reach at most approximately 30 cm of length (the average length in the nature amounts to approximately half of this measure), are only with difficulty determinable. The last revision from 2018 (Mateussi et al.) distinguishes 4 species south of the Andes (another species, M. acanthogaster, occurs in […]

  • Microphysogobio tafangensis

    21. October 2020

    The genus Microphysogobio comprises more than 30 species of small (6-10 cm) gudgeons. Many species look very similar to each other and for many of them it became clear only by molecular examinations (DNA) that the comparatively small differences are in fact species differences. Aquaristically, these animals, which usually colonize fast-flowing, cool waters in nature, […]

  • Jupiaba sp. „Cherry Spot“

    19. October 2020

    Once more we were able to import a new species of tetra from Venezuela which does not resemble to any species known to us. According to the supplier the animals were collected in small brooks in the surroundings of Puerto Inirida. There are no doubts that our new imports belong to the Astyanax relationship in […]

  • Apistogramma cacatuoides Yellow wild

    16. October 2020

    The Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid is one of the most popular members of the genus Apistogramma and found in petshops all over the World. Almost exclusively bred specimens of very colourful sports are traded. These do not appear in the wild. However, “the” wild form of A. cacatuoides does not exist at all. Like so many […]