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  • Etroplus suratensis

    2. August 2019

    After a quite long time we were able to import the Indian Pearl Spot, Etroplus suratensis, once again. Of the three species of Indian cichlids this one is the largest. Record dimensions of up to 40 cm were reported. But normally this fish becomes only about 15 cm long, it is sexually mature from about […]

  • Devario annandalei

    1. August 2019

    Until quite recently all species now placed in Devario have been placed in Danio and most of them were considered to be varieties of a single species, D. malabaricus. But even earlier a good number of species has been described scientifically, most of them became forgotten later. One of these species is Devario annandalei from […]

  • Polypterus endlicherii bred (2)

    30. July 2019

    For some time now we have been able to offer offspring of this big bichir (see With the current delivery we noticed the bizarre outer gills, which have young animals of all Polypterus species. They give these primeval fishes a very peculiar appearance. For our customers: the animals have code 163312 on our stocklist. […]

  • Dario hysginon “Black Tiger”

    26. July 2019

    We have the cute Flame Red dwarf badis (Dario hysginon) quite regularly in the stock. It originates from Burma (drainage of the Irrawaddy, Myitkyina District, Kachin State). More pictures of this species can be found here:  Together with the Flame Red another dwarf badis occurs in nature, which is already mentioned in the scientific […]

  • “Cichlasoma” loisellei

    26. July 2019

    In their Central American home countries, the predatory colorful cichlids, that are classified currently in the genus Parachromis – before this, they were placed in Cichlasoma or Nandopsis – are called “Guapotes“. That means “the big pretty ones”. And actually, these species, some of which can reach up to 50 cm in length, are very […]

  • Leiodon cutcutia THAILAND

    24. July 2019

    The first tropical freshwater puffer fish, which was imported in 1903 for aquaristics and soon bred, was the common or emerald puffer fish, at that time still known as Tetraodon cutcutia. The species remains quite small with a maximum length of 9 cm, is attractively colored and easy to keep, but unpredictably biting against conspecifics […]

  • Tatia gyrina

    22. July 2019

    In spite of their largely nocturnal nature, the driftwood catfishes have meanwhile gathered a small fan community behind them, which enthusiastically cultivate and breed them. Surely it contributes to the fact that these catfishes have an internal fertilization, whereby the females can produce a fertilized clutch sometime without direct intervention of a male, since the […]

  • Apistogramma iniridae

    19. July 2019

    Sadly this beautiful dwarf cichlid is only occasionally available, but currently we were able to import once more beautiful, fully grown specimens. The fish display all the behaviour that makes the keeping of these fish so desirable. Like its close relative A. uaupesi, which differs from A. iniridae mainly due to the lyra-shaped caudal fin […]

  • Allenbatrachus grunniens

    19. July 2019

    Nobody would keep this fascinating frogfish from South East Asia due to its coloration. The bizarre shape and the expressive eyes nevertheless make it a desirable species for the aquarium. This frogfish lives in the wild in river mouths; although it is possible to keep the fish in pure freshwater, it is better to add […]