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  • Heros sp. Curare Bred

    9. February 2022

    For the first time we could import this magnificent Heros from Venezuela in 2016. The animals should originate from a Rio Curare, therefore the name; however, no Rio Curare is known to us. We suspect the Rio Ventuari as origin. The fish are extremely colorful, otherwise everything speaks for the fact that it concerns the […]

  • Striuntius lineatus

    7. February 2022

    Only in very few cases is such confusion around fish names as there is around the horizontically striped barbels of Southeast Asia. The beautiful animals belong according to current opinion to two genera: the species with clearly visible, long barbels belong to the genus Desmopuntius with currently seven accepted species and the form without (or […]

  • Akysis prashadi

    4. February 2022

    The range of small, peaceful catfishes from Asia is much smaller than from South America, but they do exist. Moth catfishes (Hara, Erethistes) for low flow aquariums and wasp catfishes (Akysis) for tanks with more flow are becoming increasingly popular. Akysis get their name “wasp catfish” from the most famous species, Akysis vespa, whose sting […]

  • Betta imbellis

    4. February 2022

    For many Betta imbellis is the prettiest wild fighting fish at all. Of course, “the” Betta imbellis does not exist at all, because the widespread species looks somewhat different everywhere. It is the sister species to Betta splendens and in fact no human being is able to distinguish completely decolorized specimens of both species from […]

  • Catoprion mento

    2. February 2022

    Finally we managed to import Wimple Piranhas (Catoprion mento) once again. In nature C. mento is a scale eater – at least at certain times. In terms of feeding, right now is a good time of year because there are plenty of live white mosquito larvae now, which are an ideal food for Wimple Piranhas. […]

  • Nemadoras elongatus

    31. January 2022

    The thorny catfishes are a very interesting and diverse group of catfishes. We were able to import from Peru the slender species Nemadoras elongatus, which can reach a total length of about 12-15 cm. At first sight the fishes remind very much of the Hassar species, which they also resemble in behavior. They are peaceful […]

  • Steatogenys duidae

    28. January 2022

    From Peru we have received exceptionally nice knifefishes of the species Steatogenys duidae. According to current knowledge the genus Steatogenys comprises three species, all of which have zebra-like stripes. With a final length of about 20 cm they remain comparatively small, only S. ocellatus grows significantly larger at 30 cm. The three species are very […]

  • Phenacogrammus cf. taeniatus

    28. January 2022

    A new fashion trend in the hobby is emerging: tetras from the Congo! The region was already often in the focus of the hobby, but it was about killifishes or cichlids. The large flock of silver glittering open water species was of less interest. With the discovery of the unbelievably colorful Phenacogrammus sp. “Fantastique” (in […]

  • Copella meinkeni

    26. January 2022

    These beautiful tetras were called Copella nattereri in literature for many years until a scientific study found that C. nattereri is in fact the species previously known as C. nigrofasciata and that the “C. nattereri” from the Orinoco and Rio Negro belong to a scientifically unnamed species called Copella meinkeni. We regularly offer this attractive […]

  • Acestridium dichromum

    24. January 2022

    The strange sucking catfishes of the genus Acestridium – there are currently seven recognized species in the genus – could also be called “dwarf needle catfishes”, because they look like a miniature version of the needle catfishes of the genus Farlowella. Unfortunately, these animals are still an aquaristic challenge, which only very experienced aquarists should […]