Corydoras cf. semiaquilus Alto Blanco

19. July 2016


The number of Corydoras species can hardly be overlooked anymore. There are 218 species described scientifically, 159 C-numbers, and 122 CW-numbers currently known. However, some very distinct forms can be easily separated from this mass and for sure a new genus must be erected for these once a revision of the complete genus is made. These species are particulary sharp-headed and large-growing. The following three species have been described scientifically so far: Corydoras coriatae, C. fowleri, and C. semiaquilus. It is very interesting that obviously every small brook contains a colour morph on its own. This is the reason why – for example – it is often doubted that C. coriatae really represents a valid species.



Now a new – and really expensive – variety of this type of Corydoras was offered to us from Peru. There were only three specimens available, all were shipped successful to our facility. We are very thankful that the exporter even gave us a comparatively exact informatin on the catching site: the community España at the upper Rio Blanco. We do not know where this place could be situated, but, as King Eduard III, the founder of the (most noble) Order of the Garter, said in 1348: „Evil to him who evil thinks“.


From a scientific point of view the new Corydoras resembles most in C. semiaquilus. Let us hope that among the three specimens of this very interesting new form is a pair and breeding efforts are successful.




For our customers: the animals have code 244573 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Only three specimens available!

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer
Post scriptum

Tom Christoffersen has kindly helped us regarding the locality mentioned by our supplier. The Rio Blanco is a tributary of the Rio Tapiche, the town España is not too far from the Peruvian/Brazilian border. Many thanks, Tom; please visit his site with an amazing report on an expedition to the Rio Tapiche: