Acipenser ruthenus

6. July 2007

The Sterlett is a smaller sturgeon species from Eastern Europe, it origins in tributaries of the Black and of the Kaspian Sea. It occurs in the Danube, where it ascended in former times up to Ulm, today there are occasionally catches up to Passau. Their shape and swimming behavior reminds on sharks, but there is no close relatioship between this groups of fishes.Contrary to the other sturgeon species it moves not to the sea, they stay for their whole life in fresh water. This fact and the with 40 – 60 cm small size makes them to interesting fishes for the pond. There they can life for several decades. In the wild it feeds on invertebrates and occasionally also fish. In the pond they can be fed with commercial fish food.(Photo F. Schäfer, Text K. Diehl)

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